Meryl Streep was born on June 22, 1949, at Summit, New Jersey, United States. She is a television, theater and movie actress. She has a myriad of achievements in the acting world which makes her dubbed as one of the greatest alive actresses of all time. In 1971, she made her first stage debut in the show entitled The Playboy of Seville.


After her success on the stage, she then took a movie role in The Deer Hunter with her co-star Robert De Niro and the film made Streep receive her first nomination at the Academy Awards. The following year she won the Academy Award in the Kramer vs. Kramer with her co-star, Dustin Hoffman.


Ten years later she won the second Academy Award in Sophie’s Choice and won her third Oscar through her role as former British PM Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady on the following year.


She continues to appear in various types of movie titles in various genres ranging from drama and comedy so that gradually develops her own image as an actress with character.


She is also known as the ” Accent master” because of her excellent ability to imitate foreign and domestic accents, starting from British accents in the film The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Plenty and The Iron Lady.


She took a language course to speak German with a Polish accent at Sophie’s Choice movie. Then she was able to amaze critics with an Australian accent with New Zealand nuance in A Cry in The Dark, and could also have Italian accents in Bridges of Madison County and Yiddish / Hebrew accents in TV movies, Angels in America.


Meryl Streep and Environmental Health Activist

Behind all the achievements, not many people know that Meryl Streep is an environmental health activist although she has received a lot of attention from eco-foodies since the opening of Julie & Julia, a film with the theme of flow food. Actually, the actress has been an eco-foodie activist since the late 1980s.


In 1988, the ozone hole was discovered in Australia, where she was filming “A Cry in the Dark”, and she took action shortly after she returned to the United States where she offered to assist the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in raising awareness about environmental issues.


At that time, NRDC scientists were working on a report on the weaknesses in the regulation of pesticides used in food production. The report released in March 1989, known as the Alar Report (after growth regulators were used in apples) and Alar, in turn, became a symbol for the regulation of toxic pesticides found in fruits and vegetables.


Meryl Streep and Mothers & Others Organization

She also helped create a group called Mothers & others that managed to unite to make stricter pesticide residue standards for health. She also carried out a campaign to gather concerned citizens and support NRDC in their struggle for more stringent pesticide residue standards, standards that would protect subpopulations that are vulnerable to pesticides such as infants and young children.


The organization continued the campaign of Mothers and others and become an organization with the same name. The organization’s mission is to arm consumers with the information that they can bring to the market and into government spaces to demand safer and smarter products in practicing more sustainable production in the industrial sector.


This organization encourages stores to put organic products and this organization publishes dozens of product reports on everything from paints and wood to personal care products, home furnishings, and children’s toys.


Mother & others are transformational, using consumer power to change markets, from the way we grow our food to the way we make things. Meryl Streep is a transformative leader in environmental health and a consumer movement whose aware of the importance of a healthy environment.


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