The Mango Committed Collection is a new breakthrough from one of the fast fashion owners from Spain. Mango is a clothing manufacturing company founded in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain. At present Isak Andic serves as president and Enric Casi serves as chief executive. The company has more than 2,000 stores in 103 countries and aspires to have one store in every city in the world.


Although it is a company from Spain and has many shops in Spain, especially Madrid, the city of Istanbul in Turkey is one of the cities with the most Mango stores in the world. At present this well-known clothing maker wants to contribute and give impacts to society and the environment.


As a first step towards sustainability as a major component of their business model, the company launched a new collection called “Committed”. The collection is made up of 45 collections consisting of 25 collections for women and 20 collections for men. This collection has been launched online and also at their retail stores.


Mango Committed Collectio Cares for the Environment

“Mango has worked on various initiatives related to sustainability for many years and this collection is like a natural step” communications director Guillermo Corominas said at the launch of the collection.


Mango has carefully chosen materials and suppliers for the last season collection. This collection is thoughtfully created for men and women featuring fashion pieces that are committed to environmental sustainability.


The clothes are produced in their factories in Portugal, Turkey, and Morocco. The entire collection has been made with organic cotton and can be recycled so it is environmentally friendly. In addition, it is also made from recycled polyester and Tencel – which has been colored with eco-friendly ink – and is equipped with an international certificate to guarantee the continued origin of the garment.


Sustainable fabrics used for this collection such as recycled organic cotton and polyester that have international certificates. The certificates are like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OCS (Standard Organic Cotton) or GRS (Global Recycling Standard). The result is truly amazing because it is a minimalist collection with a modern sensibility. The photo shoot was done by Vogue photographer, Josh Olins.


Mango Committed Collection in Affordable Way

On one hand, the price of this collection is slightly higher than the normal collection due to the use of premium organic fabrics, but the collection still affordable. Affordable prices are part of DNA Mango and have adjusted the margin to be able to offer high-quality fashion collections at affordable prices.


Their steps do not stop there, not only 100 percent of the combined collection sustainable, currently 44 percent of other Mango collections consist of natural fiber.


They even now develop internal tools to calculate the footprint of water use and identify the process, garment, and installation. It is hoped that this could potentially make big savings to help reduce water consumption.


Thanks to the success of the first and second editions, the third edition of the Committed collection was launched last April and features a beautiful silhouette with a bohemian touch. This collection is part of the Take action program, where the company aims to increase the amount of clothing made from environmentally friendly fabrics by 50 percent by 2022.


World brand owners such as Mango with the Mango Committed collections are proof of their growing concern for the environment and the survival of the earth. What about all of us, how much we care about how sustainable the products that we use?


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