The River Thames is a river located in the middle of London City. This river flows from the south of England and connects the City of London with the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean.


If you are visiting London, you can be sure that almost all your travel destination will be tracing the roadside on the banks of the River Thames. The roadside not only provides pedestrian walking but also provides beautiful scenery along the river banks.


Along the river banks, you will see old buildings that still stand firmly with a luxurious classic architecture. On the river banks, they are lined with wooden benches and very shady trees and really beautiful especially at night time.

The banks of the River Thames are perfect when you visit in autumn, that’s when the leaves change color from green to yellowish and turn brownish and fall along the curb. The scene becomes a very beautiful and romantic series in this city. The wooden benches that are available there can be used to rest while enjoying and pervading the typical atmosphere of London.


If you walk down this street then you will see a very famous London Eye. It’s located in Jubilee Garden, right on the south bank of the River Thames. Still the same area as the South Bank, a magnificent building with a modern architectural style.


In addition to the famous London Eye, you will see Lambeth Bridge to Tower Bridge. Lambeth Bridge is a bridge that stretches a few miles away across the Thames River.


The same function as Lambeth Bridge, Tower Bridge are two towers that connect the bridge iron which functions as a liaison on the River Thames. This bridge is very famous in the world because of the uniqueness of Tower Bridge that can be cut off and lift up to 86 degrees. Cutting and lifting the bridge up are meant to pave the way for water traffic such as ships with high poles.


The long road with beautiful scenery, making the river bank is indeed one of the favorite spots for London residents and tourists who visit because of its very strategic location and is considered as the most romantic place.


The Londoners call this river bank by the name of Queens Walk. Walking on Queens Walk you will see buildings such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Millennium Bridge, Southbank Center, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and many others.


The many attractions on Queens Walk make the roadside on the River Thames banks is a favorite route for tourists to continue traveling from one place to another. When heading to where you want to go, you can enjoy the scenery while enjoying the breeze of the river.


The places you must visit here are the Palace of Westminster (House of Parliament) and also Big Ben. The area has a magnificent view, where you can see intact buildings of the British Parliament Building and Big Ben (the clock tower) from across the Thames.


If you want to go deeper through Queen’s Walk, you can start from Westminster Bridge to London Eye and end at Millennium Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral.


From the short story about the River Thames, are you interest to visit this beautiful river? If you are interested this could be a good place to refresh your mind while in London.


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