Petrifying Well is the name of a well in England that is believed to have magical powers because all objects exposed to water from this well will turn into stone. The inhabitants of the area believe that this well has been condemned by the devil to possess such an ability. However, it is just a myth. In fact, changing things to stone is a scientific process that can be explained scientifically.


Petrifying Well or a petrified well is a water source that can make objects like stones. The objects placed in such a way in the well and left for several weeks or months will obtain a rocky exterior.


Initially, it was believed to be the result of magic or witchcraft, but the phenomenon is entirely natural because of the evaporation and precipitation process in the waters. This process occurs because of the amount of mineral content contained in the water in the well. Unity is caused by the constituent molecules of the original being replaced-not simply a coated-with rock or mineral molecules.


Some examples of the petrified wells in England in spring are the Mother Shipton Caves at Knaresborough and Matlock Bath in Derbyshire. There is also a petrified well in Ireland as noted by John Rutty in Howth Head, among other locations.


Petrifying Well in England

North Yorkshire has a petrified well that has attracted many visitors over the years. The well was in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. The visitors were very excited to see the strange process of objects that turned into stone.


Hundreds of years old the place that was once the Dripping Wells was believed to be the inhabitants around as a well cursed by the devil. They even believe that if anyone touches the water where it will also turn to stone. Their fears are exacerbated by the shape of the side of the well that looks like a giant skull. In fact, the phenomenon of unity that occurs because the water there has a very high mineral content and transform the object into stone.


The process of the union took place in a mystical aqueduct on the banks of the River Nidd near Knaresborough. All sorts of everyday objects left there will slowly change their outer casing to become like a stone.


This casing consists of tufa stone and travertine. All the objects that touch the well water will petrify after a few months. This is the same process that occurs in the formation of stalactites and stalagmites, only the process is much faster. At Petrifying Well, the most popular petrified stuff is the teddy bear. It takes only 3 to 5 months to make it as a stone. The doll is often placed by the staff there then after hardening will be sold at the nearest gift shop.


The Myths of Petrifying Well

This type of well has been recorded for hundreds of years ago. The first written reference dates dated 1538 when John Leyland, a student of Henry VII, visited the place for the first time.


At that time John noticed many locals drinking and bathing under the well. The residents think that the water has a magical power to cure illness. However, over time they found the fact that drinking water with high mineral content is actually not safe for the body.


This petrified well is also famous thanks to Mother Shipton. She is the daughter of a local prostitute born in a cave near the damned well Petrifying Well. The cave was later named Mother Shipton’s Cave.


According to legend, Mother Shipton is a very strange person and somewhat like a magician. This woman is also interested in making medicines and herbs from flowers and herbs in the nearby forest. She is also touted to predict the future so quickly she is known as Knaresborough Prophet.


The Mother Shipton’s face is very ugly, even since she was a baby. It is always associated with her father who is believed to be a demon. Mother Shipton’s body was flawed, thus forming the curiosity of a neighbor from her childhood. To avoid it, Mother Shipton gave them many other things to talk about, such as her lyrical predictions.


Like the Nostradamus (a famous predictor of French), the woman was told to have predicted the Great Fire of London in 1666, the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, and the invention of cell phones. As Mother Shipton’s fame grows, so does Petrifying Well’s fame.


In 1630, the land where a petrified well was located was sold by King Charles I to a local man named Sir Charles Slingsby. At that time the petrified well was so famous that the local man began to attract visitors for tours guide around this. Unwittingly, Slingsby has created the first visitor attraction in the UK.


The myth blows among the people around the well. Although considered mystical, it turns out science is able to break the myth. However, this place is a natural heritage that is worth a guarded. The beauty and sustainability of this place need attention from many parties in order to keep it in a good condition. In addition to the good Petrifying well, visitors can also peek into the cave and enjoy this charm.


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