Doga comes from the word “dog yoga” in English which means “dog yoga”. Yoga is intended for dogs to remove their bad behavior. The good benefits of yoga can now be felt by our beloved dog.


There are two philosophies about dogs: used as objects or as partners. The first approach came from the USA, then later from Canada. Yoga dogs make dogs and their owners work together as a unit. Between dogs and their owners will help each other in practicing yoga poses.


The second philosophy of yoga for dogs is to place dogs as yoga partners. Dogs and their owners carry out routines simultaneously and make the same movements between them. If the owner does a pose, then the dog does the same pose.


Doga Reaches Criticism

Sounds quite unique if there are dogs who do yoga. However, in fact, the practice of yoga for dogs has been widely practiced in the United States. Despite reaping some criticism from the yoga community, dog yoga is still practiced today.


Criticism of this type of yoga for example by being labeled inappropriate and judged to have underestimated the sacred practice of turning it into a “fad”. This is because yoga dogs have loosening rules on teacher certification and the presence of dogs can create disruption in participants’ concentration and relaxation when they are not properly trained to work together.


Dogs Trust, a charity in the UK also warns that Doga or any variation requires trained professional supervision because dogs cannot say when they feel enough. Instead of getting benefits, without supervision can actually affect the welfare of the dog itself.


The criticism is denied by dog yoga activists by saying that this yoga practice emphasizes the focus on unity among creatures. They point out that this yoga can help form a mentality, strengthen the bond between the owner and their pet, and can intensify one’s yoga ritual because it gives additional weight to it. It is also said that Doga can be a good source of entertainment for dog-friendly class members.


Benefits of Doga

As we know that yoga benefits many people. Apparently, besides being good for humans, there are many benefits for dogs.


Dr. Danni Shemanski from Hilton Veterinary Hospital said that dog yoga can improve dog posture. Dr. Danni is a veterinarian who provides yoga training for dogs in Rochester, a city in the northwestern state of New York, United States.


By doing dog yoga, these animals can also get the opportunity to socialize. However, the most important benefit is to strengthen the bond between the dog and its owner. Yoga for dogs is a creative way to spend time with pets and make them happy and feel important in their existence.


Dog yoga exercises can also help overcome dog bad behavior and avoid stress in these animals. This is because dogs are also social animals, if they spend too much time alone they tend to behave badly to get the attention of their owners. This is the reason for frequent problems between pets and their owners.


Another benefit gained is to relax the dog and its owner, to help injured dogs, to be a good exercise for overweight or old dogs, allowing owners to teach their dogs how to control impulses, teach patience and consistency in humans, and make quality time by laughing and enjoy yoga with their dog.


So many benefits obtained from this dog yoga. This type of yoga can be a new way to relax the body while enjoying togetherness with pets that are often overlooked. Doga is the right solution to establish deeper ties with your beloved dog.


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