Water House restaurant is one of the eco or environmentally friendly restaurant. An eco-friendly restaurant is a place or building that serves meals or refreshments for guests made from natural ingredients and building that use recycled materials.


London is the capital city of England and is one of the largest cities in Europe. Many tourists from abroad are going on holiday to London. London is also touted as the best city in the world, though it is regarded as the best city in the world, London has also earned the title of having the worst hotel in the world in 2012. As an industrial city, London is also one of the fashion centers in the world.


Almost all the buildings in London are old buildings, but the buildings are well preserved and stand firm, even though they are hundreds or even thousands of years old.


In London, tourists will find historic buildings, art galleries, museums, gardens, parks in the city center, restaurants and shops that have classic yet elegant buildings.


In London, there is also an eco-friendly restaurant called Waterhouse Restaurant. Waterhouse Restaurant is located at 10 Orsman Road, London N1 5QJ, United Kingdom, very close to Kingsland Road and Haggerston Station.


In 2008, Waterhouse Restaurant was opened by the Shoreditch Trust charity. Since it was founded by a charity, Waterhouse Restaurant also employs the people of the Hackney region who are struggling in the economy. Before becoming a luxury restaurant, this Waterhouse Restaurant building is a former warehouse located on the edge of the Regent Canal.


Inside the Waterhouse Restaurant, there is no air-conditioning, Waterhouse Restaurant only uses windows or ventilation that is open to natural air conditioners sourced from the gusts of wind passing through the Regent Canal. Electrical energy is also sourced from water power in Regent Canal.


Almost all the items and decorations at Waterhouse Restaurant have used items that are recycled. This restaurant serves healthy food from seasonal vegetables and fruits, so the menu provided at this restaurant is always changing depending on the seasonal vegetables and fruits.


Waterhouse Restaurant is open on Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3 pm, and also on weekends, if there are special events or reservations in large quantities.


The Waterhouse Restaurant can also be rented for private events such as meetings with co-workers, birthday parties, family dinners, and weddings.


In addition, Waterhouse Restaurant also opened a special class for cooking at Waterhouse Cookery School. For those who attend classes at Waterhouse Cookery School, they will be taught how to cook right,  given nutritious food tips, and learn to cook appetizers up to dessert.


In 2012, Waterhouse Restaurant was awarded as Best Ethical Restaurant from the Observer Food Monthly Awards. With the Waterhouse Restaurant applying the concept of the environmentally friendly restaurant on the building and also the food served, Waterhouse Restaurant can be a good inspiration for the culinary industry in various regions, especially for Indonesia.


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