Located on a Perched on an elevated plateau adjoined with soaring limestone cliffs this hotel is a perfect model of eco luxuries style. Alila Villa Uluwatu, a stunning sustainable resort with breathtaking views of the Indian ocean totally integrates amazing designs elements of the natural surrounding using only local material from the island.

The hotel design reminds us of the terraced fields with the low pitched terraced roofs that give stunning views of deeps blue ocean and lush garden. There are 86 villas made out bamboo and volcanic rock in building the roofs due to its natural insulating properties and ability to support local ferns and succulents.

The most breathtaking a feature of the villas is the seamless integration of flora, water, wood, stone, and air. Their rooms were designed to be inhabited garden sanctuaries and bridges connect relaxation pavilions and pools to spacious living areas creating a sense of freedom that wafts through the entire property.

This resort uses local plants from the Bukit Savannah ecosystem that raised on site to encourage the animal life. These plants have adapted to the dry savannah landscape by blooming when the rains arrive and going dormant in the dry season.

Alila Villa Soori resort is the first one in  Indonesia to receive the highest level of certification from EarthCheck. The criteria based on the deliberate use of sustainable, a wastewater management system using local plants from the savannah ecosystem and using local materials instead of imported from outside Indonesia.

Alila Villa Uluwatu

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