Horn jewelry if its related with French women means we are talking about the delicate, subtle and low-key. No matter where you are in France, you will not see a huge statement necklace or gigantic size of jewelry. You will see a lot of delicate chains and small stud earrings and combine with the simple style of watches. French women don’t really like to mixed horn jewelry in an extraordinary way.

The report on ‘Grands Magasins’ also supported the argument that delicately crafted horn jewelry is popular in France. French identic with fine, light delicate jewelry. This style of jewelry complements their slender small body shapes and small bone structure. They like to match it with a scarf and that scarf almost instantly eliminates the need for earrings or chunky necklace.

Many women love colorful, chunky, bold, colorful horn necklace and think that can really take an outfit to another level. But if you are keen to choose your jewelry in a French way, you can wear your delicate jewelry still with the confidence.A true style of elegant French women.

Horn jewelry angela

Some tips on how to dress up with horn jewelry like French women

* fine jewelry doesn’t have to super expensive. There are many pieces out there when you keep an open mind and you are prepared to go looking for it which is as stunning as thousands of dollars of jewelry.

* Still decide whether you are going to wear yellow gold, rose gold or white gold or maybe silver? Don’t forget to put your skin tone on consideration.In general, the gold colors complement warm skin tones, while the silvers suit those with cooler toned skins.

*If you still can’t decide what kind of metal jewelry that you are going to use, pick a natural material such as horn is the best decision.

*Consider your bone structure. if are petite, you might choose particularly delicate pieces and on the other hand, if you have bigger boned, you can go for more chunky pieces.

Horn jewelry adalene

Pick your horn jewelry with your own kind of personality

*Pick the horn jewelry base on your personality.Remember delicate style doesn’t mean it’s outdated style or you are a boring person. You can add precious and semi-precious stones. Metalwork such as gold or silver can contribute the look.

*Opt for diamond or pearl studs when it comes to earrings. Just keep their size in line with the delicacy and color of the rest of your jewelry.

* Find a piece that you really adore and love. You are better to wait and find the perfect piece for you rather than picking up something that is just okay or follow what your friends think its cool.

If you are a fan of delicate jewelry like a French woman than you might prefer something more striking. Or you are the type of woman who loves to stack the jewelry all in one go because you just love to make a statement on your look.Either way, don’t forget the most important is how you feel comfortable with your own style.Be your own kind of beautiful with your horn jewelry.

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