Reformation, this fashion brand was launching in 2009 in Los Angeles. Brand Reformation was founded by Yael Aflalo (40), a woman who used to work as a model and now undergoes a profession as an entrepreneur.


This beautiful long black-haired woman was inspired by Elon Musk, a man who started his career by making innovation and revolutionary for the earth without sacrificing the aesthetic value of the goods made. So that was also her goal on her fashion brand.


Label Reformation made by Yael not only beautifies the world with beautiful clothes but also a way for sustainability in the fashion industry by using sophisticated vintage and fabric materials


Reformation produces clothing products that reduce the impact of the conventional fashion industry on the environment of the earth. The mission of this label is to lead and inspire sustainable ways to be fashionable.


The clothing products produced by Reformation are made from highly sustainable materials; using deadstock fabrics and reuse vintage clothing.


The silhouette, quality, and style that are always trendy but still sustainable making Reformation very famous among millennial women who are willing to spend their money as much as $ 60- $ 250 US dollars per item. No wonder too if this label is often seen worn by world celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and model Karlie Kloss.


Most of the clothing made by Reformation uses Tencel which use fewer resources than conventional cotton and less pollution than oil-based fabrics. A total of 15% of the fabric used is vintage and dead stock, which means it has given a second life by saving the fabric from wasted threats.


For the Reformation, Tencel is a very precious cloth. The fabric is made by an Austrian company called Lenzing. Tencel fabric is a semi-synthetic fibre that is very similar to cotton. They are still part of the Rayon family, made of renewable plant material.


Tencel is produced from the fast-growing Eucalyptus tree in the lowlands. It only takes half a hectare to grow enough trees to produce one ton of Tencel fibre, while cotton requires at least five times more land and should be good quality farmland. Production of Tencel Reformation is done without the use of pesticides and insecticides.


The impact of Tencel’s production is not harming the environment. Lenzing estimates the use of water required when producing Tencel is 155 gallons per pound of fibre, which is 80% lower than cotton.


The manufacturing process uses closed-loop manufacturing; more than 99% non-toxic solvents are recycled and reinserted into the system rather than discharged into wastewater.


In addition to Tencel, the eco materials used by Reformation are Viscose. Clothing made from this only requires half of the energy needed to produce cotton tops.


Reformation ensures that their production and weaving processes meet the social and environmental standards of society. Approximately half of the total Viscose used is obtained from Lenzing and derived from sustainably certified forest trees and recycles the chemicals and waste generated.


In addition to considering the materials used, Reformation is also very concerned about the process of making the clothes. They try not to use the techniques and methods that could give negative impact on the environment.


They prioritize sustainability in everything they do. The plant uses highly efficient technology, environmentally friendly and socially friendly. They invested their companies in a ‘green’ building infrastructure to minimize waste, water and energy traces.


This is done based on the awareness of how terrible the environmental impact resulting from the conventional fashion industry. Reformation is an example of a company that can help reduce that impact by conceptualizing its company to be environmentally friendly.


There is a saying that Man is still the greatest miracle and the greatest problem on this earth so let’s each of us making a small effort to save this beautiful planet, let’s follow what the  Reformation effort to protect this earth.


Reformation Reformation

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