The beauty of the city of Surabaya was hidden before. A hot city with limited public attractions, making Surabaya does not have a special attraction to attract tourists and local tourists.


Surabaya is the largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. Surabaya is a metropolitan city in East Java, the density of the population, the number of development, the increasing use of private vehicles, making the city of Surabaya increasingly polluted and increasingly hot.


With the election of Tri Rismaharini in September 2010, as the 23rd Mayor of Surabaya, Surabaya become alive and clean.


The woman who was born on November 20, 1961, in Kediri, East Java has a doctorate degree in the field of Urban Development, Architecture Department Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning at the Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya. No wonder that Surabaya can transform into a green city like today.


Prior to becoming the Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini was the Head of Sanitation and Gardening Agency in Surabaya City. It was only natural that after she was elected as Mayor of Surabaya Risma, she directly revamping the city by cleaning up the garbage contained in rivers and all the public places.


Starting from going into the slums and small villages, Risma transformed the place into a neat, clean and greener village. Risma tells its citizens to look after and care for the environment, by way of proper waste management and tree planting in every corner.


Surabaya city residents must sort out the organic waste with non-organic waste. Organic waste, used as Risma for compost and non-organic waste is recycled and made something useful.


The parks in the city of Surabaya was not very interesting. After renovation, these gardens become more beautiful with shady trees, green grass, and fountains. Street vendors also can not enter the park, because the parks in the city of Surabaya has been in order in such a way, including parking lots so as not to disrupt the road.


Not only that, Risma also added a special place to play skateboards and BMX bikes in one of the parks located on Jalan Darmo, Surabaya. By adding this facility, Risma aims for young generation can spend more time outside by green park, rather than hang out with friends with no clear purpose.


The city streets are also more neat and clean, complete with CCTV on every corner. The purpose of this CCTV is to help the traffic police keep an eye on the roads in every corner, in order to avoid violations on the road. Special bike paths are also made on the right side of the road. In addition, Risma also campaigning mangrove planting around Surabaya.


Thanks to the Risma, Surabaya City was awarded Global Green City from Global on Human Settlements (GFHS), which was fully supported by the United Nations (UN) in October 2017 in New York, USA.


The beauty that was hidden in the city of Surabaya, has now appeared. Tri Rismaharini’s success making Surabaya more lively with their beauty.  It is also a motivation for all other leaders, especially for all citizens of the community to care more and really participate in their own environment.


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