Dik Doank whose real name is Raden Rizki Mulyawan Kertanegara Hayang Denada Kusuma is a singer, television host, advertising star and graphic designer from Indonesia.


The man who was born September 21, 1968, since childhood is very fond of drawing and composing comics. The hobby continues to be developed until he was a teenager. At the age of 15, Dik began to create songs. All of his works often appear in various competitions, but none of his works have won the championship. That does not break his dream because he keeps learning and remains passionate to his dream.


After graduating from high school, he learns more about art by studying at the Jakarta Arts Institute majoring in Graphic Design covering album and poster specifications. His talent in making album and poster cover designs makes  Dik is often trusted by some Indonesian artists to make their album covers, such as Atiek CB, Broery Pesulima, Chrisye, Ebiet G. Ade, vocal group AB Three, Koes Plus vocal group and Nike Ardilla.


After working on the album cover making field and having many colleagues working in the music industry, Dik easily entered the recording studio in 1997. The song entitled “Pulang” from the first album went popular and catapulted the name of Dik Doank.


After making two albums and briefly vacuum for five years, Dik issued an album titled “180 Degrees”, this song has a little naughty word but still with the social theme and this is indeed the hallmark of Dik Doank song.


In addition to being a singer, Dik is better known as a host. Some of the television shows that he brought was the FIFA World Cup 2002 Korea-Japan event, Good Morning that was broadcast on Trans TV, and Europhoria 2008 which aired on RCTI. One of the starred ads is an energy-enhancer ad, that is where Dik met Italian footballer Alessandro Del Piero and starred together.


In his life, Dik is a person who cares about the environment, especially in the social environment. According to Dik, success does not depend on the values of formal education, but the success can be achieved if the science of education that we have owned can be shared with other Indonesian children.


Inspired by Ki Hajar Dewantara’s learning park and former first Indonesian president Ir. Soekarno, Dik also helped to build a learning park called Kandank Jurank Doank.


He turned his home in Ciputat, Tangerang, Banten into a beautiful open learning park, without being limited by the barrier so that the learners can interact directly with nature. Imperfect grass crops a little and then plants are planted and make the children feel closer and preserve nature.


In 2004, Dik began to focus on his own study park and slowly began to leave his artistic world to dedicate himself to the underprivileged children, in order for them to gain a decent knowledge.


The Kandank Jurank Doank learning park was specially established for underprivileged Indonesian children, who did not get the proper education. In the Kandank Jurank Doan Learning Park children are taught to write, read, sing, draw, paint, dance, and learn to play musical instruments, and closer to nature.


Through the activities undertaken at Kandank Jurank Doank Learning Park, Dik hopes to develop the talents of children in Indonesia and also sensitive to other human beings and the surrounding environment.


Fans and residents around Dik’s study park, can also visit and see the various works that have been produced by the children at Taman Belajar Kandank Jurank Doank.


Learning and mixing with nature is very fun. Not only provide general education through Taman Kandank Jurank Doank Learning, Dik can bring the children closer to nature and be taught how to love and preserve nature. What has been done by Dik Doank is very extraordinary and should be a good example for other artists and the public.


Dik Doank Dik Doank Dik Doank

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