Emma Watson teamed up with the Good On You app for the cover of Vogue magazine’s March 2018 edition. Good On You is an app that can help find the value of a particular favorite brand. People using this app can find out a variety of eco-friendly brands, both new and old. By using this app, someone can make changes while shopping.


This app was created by Sandra Capponi. She started her company in 2015 while sustainable fashion is still a niche. Sustained goods are often sold at high prices and sometimes the design is not good. This perception was later changed by incorporating Hollywood stars as the cover of Vogue Australia. It potentially brings Australia’s business into a commonplace.


Sandra Capponi felt very excited when she was contacted by Emma’s team late last year to be involved in the March issue of Vogue magazine. In the March issue, Emma Watson became a guess-edit, invited guests to select material at an event or broadcast. Emma’s appearance on the of the magazine is dedicated to sustainable fashion.


Sandra said she was very happy when she got a call and her business was given the opportunity to be introduced as a pioneering voice for sustainable things. She also feels very happy to be involved in the Emma and Vogue project as this partnership will certainly make a difference by raising the public awareness of sustainability mode.


Emma Watson and the Good On You app

Sadra Capponi, 36 years old woman previously worked in the corporate sector, and then she was motivated to start Good On You app. The Sydney-based company was formed after Sandra saw for herself the negative impacts of production businesses on society and the environment.


Sandra then tried to push for changes in the industrial sector. However, the more she thinks about it, the more she realizes there is a huge role for each one of us to bring a change, for example through the shopping decisions we make.


The view of people who see ethical fashion as a niche product that can be expensive and unattractive is no longer a problem. Currently, the stereotype is no longer relevant because now there are many innovations emerging in the industry. Big retailers have changed their game, many new brands are emerging to establish sustainable labels. Different brands fill all ends of the spectrum, whether they are found in malls, roads, or exclusive boutiques.


The difficult part is directing all information about the ethical practice. This is the goal of Good On You through the application she made. The app assesses up to 1300 different clothing labels and highlights their production traces in three key areas: their impact on humans, the environment, and animals.


Regarding her work with Emma Watson’s team, she and Vogue first research all brands that will be featured in the photo shoot using the Good On You app. Not all brands pay attention to sustainability issues, some brands increase their transparency to publish additional information and adhere to strict application requirements.


Sandra says that she thinks shooting with Emma brings ethical brands in a beautiful way. Emma’s genuine \concern for the issue of sustainability is visible in herself. The entire team involved is very happy with this project because it certainly can give a significant change in how people view ethical fashion. This has now become commonplace and it is something everyone can follow, enjoy, and celebrate.


Good On You App, Emma Watson and Ethical Fashion

Emma Watson has long been recognized as a pioneer of sustainable fashion. From the #HeForShe campaign to the Green Carpet Challenge, her image is already strong with the issue as well as women’s rights and education issues.


Emma often carries her passion for ethical fashion into her artistic world, for example by wearing eco-friendly clothing while playing a role in the film, using an outfit that is a recycled product to prestigious awards events or collaborating with fashion ethnic fashion pioneers.


Ethical fashion seems to have embedded in Emma so that wherever or whatever is done Emma did not escape the fashion. This attitude is certainly very well exemplified by the artist and her fans. Her popularity as an artist can have a good impact on sustainable fashion because it can inspire people. The existence of applications made by Sandra Capponi is also very helpful in looking for environmentally friendly brands. Emma Watson and the Good On You app have switched to this mode, now it’s your turn.


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