Erin Beatty, the former founder of Suno, returned after two years with her new brand, Rentrayage, a collection of clothing made from used and vintage clothing. ‘Rentrayage‘ comes from French which means ‘improve’.


When the Beatty women’s clothing label, Suno, was closed after eight years in 2016, she directed her thoughts on new projects. “I want to create something that is simultaneously interesting, lovingly designed and made sustainably,” she said.


Erin’s new collection is inspired by various styles, artists and designers, from Louise Bourgeois to Maison Margiela and Comme des Garçons. “I am a very feminine design. But I like to twist, which is often accompanied by a masculine touch, “Beatty said.

She said she would not describe Rentrayage as a ‘solo’ project. “This is definitely my idea but I have been surrounded by a number of extraordinary people who have long-standing relationships with me, so I don’t feel alone,”


From the tailor to her business partner, Beatty surrounds herself with important people in the fashion industry. With this vintage 100% collection, Beatty works very closely with her tailor, Albert Torres, to choose clothes that need to be changed. When an object feels unattractive, the team will peel it off and find a way to refresh it. This collection is made from 30 to 35 unique pieces that are recycled, using unwanted fabric that will actually be discarded.


The challenge of starting a new business for Erin Beatty

Beatty stressed that she needed to ensure that she created a sustainable business for all of her employees. “There needs to be an integrity thread that goes through all that,” Beatty added. “This is my idea and it is my responsibility to be true and consistent.” She feels she must really define what sustainability means and deliver the message to customers.


She explained how they are doing business today, that is, just making unique vintage works. Beatty is currently researching sustainable fabrics and is saddened by the lack of stock. According to her, the only way to make a more sustainable fabric is for customers to pressure the industry to make it.


Erin Beatty expected that The fashion industry must lead to change

The way most customers today life is not sustainable because just caring about sustainability is not enough and we need to take action. The population grows too fast and the earth deteriorates too fast and when we think about it extensively, it is frightening. But when you become a little more solution-oriented about it and it can give hope.


As a designer, Beatty handles sustainability from a creative perspective and seeks to transform the fashion industry through its vintage collection. She focuses on the environmental aspects, resulting in less waste. She also wants to explore how she can start teaching customers about why they should care.


For the next collection, Beatty is considering launching a sustainable product, but it doesn’t have to be made 100% of vintage clothing. Rentrayage will be launched in September this year.


At first, Beatty wanted to buy fabric from London, in the end, she preferred the idea of ​​a brand that was entirely American, therefore Rentrayage fabric was made and sourced locally in Williamsburg, New York. In the end, this name summarized the new vision of Erin Beatty, a collection of sustainable vintage clothing.


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