The Eco-Friendly lodging is a hotel that uses natural elements in almost all the material and some of them are from recycled materials.

Kalimantan is the third largest island in the world. Borneo also has the completeness of its flora and fauna because hundreds of thousands of plants and animals can be found on this island of Borneo. Kalimantan is also a lung for the world because it has a dense forest and many plants that live with fertile.

The island of Kalimantan has potential tourist attractions that offer its natural beauty compared to other islands in Indonesia. If you want to visit Kalimantan you should choose a comfortable lodging and if its possible more in nature.


Samboja Lodge

Samboja Lodge is one of the fitting places to stay in the breathtaking natural setting. This lodging is in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. All building materials used by Samboja Lodge are using the wood that already falls from the tree.

Each room faces the forest of orangutan conservation. Sometimes visitors who stay there are lucky because they can see orangutans hanging from a tree. This lodging also features nature activities, including direct interaction with honey bear and orangutans as well as wild trekking.

When we enter the room, our eyes will be served with a variety of distinctive architecture typical Dayak tribe. In addition to the buildings made of wooden trees, all the furniture that resides is made of recycled wood.

This place has a special animal clinic to guard and protect some rare animals, especially in orangutans because of the location close to the conservation of orangutans. The innkeeper also planted some fruit trees and flower plants around it.

Before it opens to the public, Samboja Lodge is only a lodging place provided for researchers and volunteers. The food provided at this place is also taken from Kalimantan forest products. To stay at this lodging ,it will cost around 1,550,000 – 3,000,000 / night.

eco friendly lodging kalimantan

Samboja Lodge


Maratua Paradise Resort

If you are not so fond of the wilderness scenery served by Samboja Lodge, you can choose a beachfront or beach-side beach at Maratua Paradise Resort.

Maratua Paradise Resort is located in Berau District, East Kalimantan. The building from Maratua Paradise Resort is made of ironwood and a variety of other wooden trees. Visitors who come will be presented with a view of blue sea water and swimming fish.

The visitors who will stay At Maratua Paradise Resort can choose between two room options, the type of room located on the beach or the type of room located in the middle of the sea.

You will be presented with views of the sunset and the waves that come over when late afternoon for the room type on the beach. You will be served the scenery of animals under the sea, such as fish and sea turtles for the middle of the sea room type.

It is not much different from Samboja Lodge, Maratua Paradise Resort also uses furniture made of wooden trees.

To reduce the use of clean water, Maratua Paradise Resort is only providing water for bathing and washing purposes. For the food menu, Maratua Paradise Resort also provides a seafood menu, produced from Derawan islands.

Maratua Islands is also the archipelago that has the complete biodiversity, after Raja Ampat. To stay at Maratua Paradise Resort you will be charged IDR 900,000 / night.

It is not that easy to keep and care for this nature, especially to present the real natural scenery in a lodging that is why we need support from residents and visitors to always take care and maintain the existing around.

Both eco-friendly lodgings that we mentioned above can be an inspiration to plan your eco-friendly vacation in Kalimantan.


eco friendly lodging kalimantan

Maratua Paradise Resort

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