Nowadays, there are many Indonesian designers are creating clothing and accessories that are very eco-fashion. Eco-fashion clothing and accessories are clothing or accessories that minimize the use of chemicals and minimize environmental damage from the process of planting and maintenance of raw materials into finished products in the form of clothing, necklaces, bags, and more.


But have you ever wondered about who made your clothes and accessories? What materials are used to make it? Is it environmentally friendly or not?


It turns out that the clothes or accessories that we wear every day are one of the billions of clothes in the world that may contribute to global warming and climate change, which means also cause environmental damage.


Growing environmental issues that increasingly apprehensive seems enough to invite sympathy from many parties, not to mention the designers and other clothing manufacturers. Many fashion brands also voiced concern for nature and the environment in an attempt to create a cleaner, healthier, and balanced environment.


Stella McCartney is a designer who has traveled in the field of fashion and is very supportive of the go green program. And now, she is debuting again with the theme of eco fashion. She strongly supports the program and it will make the fashion world more interesting because Stella brings unusual and unique theme.


Indonesia also has its own fashion with each trademark unique and interesting. There are already many designers who follow Stella’s step, by supporting the creation of eco-friendly fashion. They will not use the environment just for the sake of a luxurious lifestyle. That is, there are people who care about the environment that relate it to fashion as their profession.


In addition to producing unique and interesting work of the designers it also inspired many people to be more concerned about the environment. And it turns out; environmentally friendly fashion is now growing because of the support of various parties who agree with this.


And if we realize that the resources on earth are diminishing and some cannot be reproduced, it seems that it is time for us to be more attentive with the choices we make and what we wear.

Therefore, help the world to reduce waste or waste by using eco-fashion clothing and accessories, made from waste or other environmentally friendly materials. We need to live gently upon this earth, my dear.


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