Matt Damon was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, October 8, 1970, has the original name, Matthew Paige Damon. He is the Son of Kent who is a broker and Nancy a professor of childhood education at Lesley University.


As a teenager, Matt Damon is a shy, unconfident and always on the lookout. Thanks to the upbringing of teachers at his school, especially thanks to the drama teacher at the school, Matt Damon turned into someone who is obedient to the rules, hardworking and good at acting. Gradually Matt Damon became a confident at every school event as well as out of school.


In 1988, Matt Damon began his career in the film world and was studying at Harvard University in the department of English Literature. But suddenly Matt decided to get out of Harvard University. This decision was taken because he wanted to focus more on becoming an actor. Aside from being an actor, Matt is also an expert in writing movie scripts.


Amid the success of Matt Damon, he did not forget to help people who have a disaster, such as shortage of water supply. From there Matt is known not for his acting skills but also, caring for his fellow human beings and the environment.


Some of  Relief Work by Matt Damon


  1. Establish a foundation that is

In the midst of the success Matt has gained, He then thinks of establishing a foundation that specializes in water and sanitation issues, named in July 2009.


  1. Raising Funds

Matt tries to raise funds by producing environmentally friendly water bottles because he realizes the importance of the water shortage in the world. A small portion of the bottle sale will be handed over to the Then channeled to anyone who really needed. Nothing to boast about, but Matt claims to have helped more than a million people in need of clean water.


  1. Participate In Campaign

Matt Damon was not embarrassed and even participated in campaigns to various countries around the world, voicing his concern to invite people to take care of this water shortage. He also visited Zambia, a poor country located in Africa.


This country is really short of water supply. In Zambia’s search, Matt followed a small boy who wanted to take clean water and he had to go through hills, steep and winding roads. The safety of African children, especially in Zambia, is at stake in order to get clean water.


  1. Protecting Human Rights

Together with several other renowned artists and stars, Matt is one of the founders of the Not on Our Watch Project, an organization focused on preventing and halting mass atrocities committed in Darfur.


5.Matt is also an ONEXONE ambassador, committed to supporting, sustaining and improving the lives of children in the world, especially children in the United States and Canada.


  1. Fighting AIDS and Poverty in Various Countries

Matt supports the ONE Campaign, aimed at fighting AIDS and poverty in Third World countries. He appeared in the print media and television commercials of the campaign.


  1. Helping a Billions of Humans on Earth

Not only helping more than a million people, Matt also helped billions of people on earth because of the domino effect of air pollution and social inequality. However, this is only in a film that Matt plays as Max in the Elysium Film (2013).  Still, the audience and fans must be sure, in the real world, Matt will help anyone the best he can do.


Being a disciplined figure, hardworking, helpful, good at acting, and successful, Matt Damon will not forget to help others and care about the environment. Education is the key because children now learn the importance of sanitation in school and that message is then passed on to their parents and other members of their community.


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