Chuck McCarthy is an actor and writer. Starting from a joke when he was unemployed for a few months, his idea becomes another source of income for him. Chuck now has a new profession, which is to be a companion for pedestrians.


For some people, the idea may sound strange and unusual. However, who would have thought that the job was quite promising. Each time someone walks 1 mile away with him, he can earn as much as $ 7 or equivalent to about 98,000 rupiahs per mile. Now even the cost is calculated per hour, ie $ 15 per half hour.


Chuck McCarthy is the first people walker in Los Angeles. He accompanied the people who walked alone around the streets and parks near his home. Some people may use to walk with their pet dog as a companion, but animals can not interact with humans.


Departing from the idea that humans need real interaction while walking alone, Chuck is also steadily realizing the idea. The response he received from the community was spelled out very well. When the accompanying services run this advertised, Chuck collects hundreds of emails from people who feel lonely, curious, and adventurous.


He realizes that people need loyal listeners, so when he works he will hear more than talking. This is the reason why humans need real interaction when walking alone and who can meet those needs are other human beings.


For example, when upset with traffic flow on the streets. It would be better if the annoyance is expressed directly to a human being who is able to listen rather than upload it to social media. When uploading something on social media and getting no response, it will only make the uploader feel sad.


Success with the unique profession that he lived, many also requests of people who want to be a pedestrian companion as well. His applicants come from different regions, so now pedestrian companions can be found in different parts of Los Angeles. Chuck has also inspired a woman in Israel to follow in his footsteps to be a pedestrian companion.


The request to accompany the walk came from various places, even someone from England wanted Chuck to accompany him walking there. A man in New York also wanted him to accompany the 8-year-old boy to the bus station every day.


Chuck is very pleased with the positive response from people. He even plans to find a technician to design Uber-style apps. However, Chuck wants to stay in the local area and on foot, not by driving. He thinks people also need to walk as part of the sport.


Many benefits can be gained from walking. Instead of just sitting, walking makes your body healthier. Recent findings suggest that sitting is far more dangerous than smoking. Too long sitting can make the body lack movement that causes the risk of heart attack, paralysis, diabetes, and other health problems.


No need to hesitate to walk on foot alone. Chuck says walking alone does not mean the people are not friends. It’s just that they sometimes find it difficult to match schedules with their friends. Different activity schedules make them unable to meet each other.


With the help of this pedestrian escort service at least it can help people reduce health problems and benefit mentally and personally. Walking can be considered as a means of mental fitness and can reduce the stress that can cause depression, anxiety, insomnia, and obesity.


Walkers who use the services of people walkers can also meet new people and learn new things from conversations that are built on foot together.


So, there’s no doubt about the benefits of walking. If with a small thing like that alone can make the body healthy, so do not delay any more. Before your health problems strike you, start walking. After all, it is not a difficult thing to do especially if accompanied by a pedestrian companion like Chuck McCarthy.


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