Did you know that Cara Bartlett played a role in making capsule wardrobe trends with the saying “quality exceeds quantity” through Vetta? This encourages the disposal of low-quality goods and is more focused on investing in fewer collections but can be matched together.


Many of us certainly feel confused and spend at least 10 minutes thinking about what clothes to wear the next day. If you belong to this group, you need clothes that are created with the concept of this capsule wardrobe.


Vetta is a startup with a simple idea, 5 pieces of clothing that can be used in 30 ways to produce more style without the need to stack clothes in the closet. The price range from the US $ 49 to the US $ 150. This collection idea has simplified your morning routine with a versatile collection that can all be matched. This helps you save and make life better with a slimmer wardrobe.


Also if you try to care more about the environment, these clothes also help reduce the waste produced by the textile world in general. Vetta was inspired to make simple ‘work uniforms’ while still giving a charming appearance in many ways.


Cara Bartlett and Waste Clothing Processing

The Co-founder, Bartlett told Business Insider that at first, she wasn’t even sure whether people would be interested in their ideas. Inspired by increasingly widespread waste and abuse in the garment industry, she and her colleague Vanessa van Zyl founded Vetta in an effort to create solutions that would help consumers and industries with their waste problems.


After three days of fundraising they finally managed to get $ 30,000 in funds and within a month, the funds had nearly tripled. In the same year, in 2017, Vetta also won the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue Emerging Designer competition and created an exclusive collection for Saks.


Cara Bartlett with Unique Mix and Match Concepts

Bartlett explains that Vetta has helped women simplify their wardrobe by offering a collection of versatile capsules, which are five pieces that can be mixed and match to create clothes with 30 styles that can be used alternately for one month. Besides that, Vetta is committed to only using responsible factories and sustainable fabrics. They aim to help women build wardrobes that lead to better collections and more responsible environments.


Vetta’s mission is to help build a wardrobe that is a fair trade from the head to toe because all clothing comes from a family-run factory in NYC so it can be checked frequented by teams. Sweaters are also knitted by partner factories in LA that are audited annually for environmental compliance and the energy source used is 70% of solar power.


Fabrics are residual or sustainable raw materials such as Tencel, which are made from wood pulp that harvested sustainably and processed in a closed loop system that recycles solvents. In other words, the entire collection of Cara Bartlett creations gives one clear statement that you don’t have to sacrifice sustainability just for style.


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