The sustainable fashion design program is a study of sustainable fashion (also known as eco fashion). This kind of sustainable fashion is part of the design philosophy and trend that is environmentally friendly.


The purpose of this trend is to create a system that is more concerned with human impacts, as well as environmental and social responsibilities in order to continue.


Sustainable fashion first appeared around the late 1980s and early 1990s, introduced by leading companies such as Patagonia and ESPRIT that brought the concept of “sustainability” in their business. The concept was inspired by the company owners who witnessed environmental degradation caused by increased usage.


Both owners of the company then conduct research on the impact of fiber used in the company, referring to the principle of sustainable fashion based on the philosophy of profound ecologists such as Arne Næss, Fritjof Capra, and Ernest Callenbach. The work of both companies then affects the entire movement in fashion and sustainability.


Currently, the fashion industry is also aggressively issued a sustainable product design because it feels it is the most needed today. The consumption of clothing has peaked throughout the ages, therefore eco-friendly designers are increasingly actively voicing their opinions.


The opinion of the proponents of eco-friendly designs seems to be starting to be heard by the fashion industry. The environmental care movement was initiated by designers, such as the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), who made the first ever sustainability committee, Levi’s and Zara committed to using toxic materials, and H & M ambitiously launched a series of sustainable design projects.


Popularizing more sustainable and ethical fashion trends not only can make the earth greener, but also create new jobs. For applicants with an educational background in the field of sustainable design will certainly be more considered by the company. Knowledge in this field can make applicants more superior and encourage the creation of intelligent designs.


With the increasing demand for more sustainable and ethical clothing design, it automatically makes the demand of trained designers in this field increasing, so it is deemed necessary to have a study program that pursues the field. Therefore, a sustainable fashion design study program is created and from the many universities that offer this program, here we summarize five of the best eco fashion programs around the world.


California College of Arts (San Fransisco, California)

The CCA offers its students an MBA degree in Design Strategy and BA for Fashion Design. This program has been created for more than 10 years, precisely starting in 1990. One of the professors who teach at the CCA is Lynda Grose, co-founder of the ESPRIT collection. Important courses and workshops in this program are about Eco: Sustainability Seminar, Sustainability Studio, Innovation Studio, and Leadership by Design. The MBA admission fee for Design Management is $ 39,984, equal to the cost of BA Fashion Design.

Sustainable Fashion Design Program California College of Arts

California College of Arts


London College of Fashion (London, UK)

The University offers MA degrees in Fashion and the Environment. The campus is the center of the Center for Sustainable Fashion (CSF), established in 2008 and is now recognized as a sustainable fashion educational leader. One of the teaching professors is Kate Fletcher, founder of the “slow fashion” movement. The tuition fee here is £ 13,800 for international students.

Sustainable Fashion Design Program London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion


Parson The New School for Design (NY, USA)

The school offers sustainable fashion lessons, a choice to specialize in sustainable fields. Parson is one of the pioneers of fashion schools that recognize the importance of sustainable design, giving one of the world’s first fashion courses with zero waste developed by Timo Rissanen. Important courses in this school are Zero Waste Design, Sustainable Fashion, Ethical Fashion, and eco-fashion: Sustainable Solutions. The entry fee is about $ 38,510.

Sustainable Fashion Design Program Parson The New School for Design

Parson The New School for Design


Fashion Institute of Technology (NY, USA)

The institute provides the Sustainable Design Entrepreneur Certificate Program, the BFA. Based on FIT’s spokesperson, their certification program provides entrepreneurs with the design of knowledge, tools, and access to the resources they need to build a viable business based on sustainable design practices. The class price here is very affordable, only $ 115 per four weeks.

Sustainable Fashion Design Program Fashion Institute of Technology

Fashion Institute of Technology


ESMOD Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

Here is offered the title of MA Sustainability in Fashion. The program began in 2011, was the first in its field in Germany and at the forefront of its thinking, evenly distributed across Europe. The lessons given in this program are Sustainable Design Strategies, Sustainable Marketing, Sustainable Knowledge, and Sustainable Production & Textiles. Entrance fee of £ 14,500 for non-European students.

Sustainable Fashion Design Program ESMOD Berlin

ESMOD Berlin


All these above are sustainable fashion design program that highly recommended to apply to all the one who has a passion for this.


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