The turtle house at Jeen Womom is the best-protected area for turtles. This area is located on Jeen Womom Beach, Tambrauw District, West Papua. Tambrauw Regency is a potential in the field of the tourism sector because there are various tourist destinations, ranging from natural attractions, historical tours and cultural tourism with the remains of World War II history.


For nature tourism especially on maritime tourism, Tambraw District has Jeen Womom Beach. Jeen Womom Beach is the most beautiful beach in the world. Many say this beach is more beautiful than the beaches in Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Banyuwangi, East Nusa Tenggara, even Great Barrier Reff Beach in Australia, Gold Coast in America or Boracay in the Philippines.


The beach is wide enough, the sides are wide and long so the coastline limit cannot be caught by the naked eye. The beach has a very fine sand, white with sand grains resembling crystals, similar to the sand of Kuta Beach, Lombok.


One side of this coastal waters is the border of the Pacific Ocean which is clear and blue. The other side, the expanse of the ocean just off the foothills of the virgin forest is green and natural.


Lots of blend and harmony of nature on this beach, visible from the reflection of sunlight that hit the sea surface with a blue sky and the sound of waves that combined with the sound of birds.


In the evening there was the beauty of the moonlight bouncing above sea level, accompanied by the sound of the waves of the beach, the sound of deer, wild boars and kangaroos passing by on this beach to find food.


In addition to having outstanding natural beauty, this beach has been officially used as a place to spawn the largest leatherback turtle in the world. These turtles breed well on this beach because the nuance is still very natural, unspoiled by human ignorant hands, and also has the kind of fine sand very suitable for turtles so this place is favored by leatherback turtles to spawn in this place.


Leatherbacks are a rare species that must be protected. Usually, these turtles come by themselves to this Jason Womom Beach at the time of wanting to lay eggs. Seeing this, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Tambrauw District, Papua, manages well and makes an attractive tourist destination as it is famous for its leatherback Turtle.


Not only leatherback turtles, but there are also other types of turtles, such as turtles, green turtles, and hawksbill turtles on this beach. Each year the beach is visited by environmentalists as well as researchers from various countries in the world.


Facilities and infrastructure Jeen Womom Beach is not yet available to the potential of natural beauty is still very natural and has not been widely utilized. The easiest and the only way to get directly to this beach by renting a boat or speedboat.


Tambraw District also has potential as an environmental area for flora and fauna. With the Jeen Womom Coastal Marine National Park and also other nature reserve areas, this area is unique and has its own distinction and can also be said as a very rare place in the world because of the naturalness of the region.


The turtle house in Jeen Womom has not been introduced or promoted to foreign countries because of constrained facilities and existing infrastructure. WWF Indonesia hopes that the government and the community from outside can work together in the effort to preserve and develop the community so the community can exploit the potential of its natural wealth properly and correctly.


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