Jefri Nichol is famous for the teenagers. She was born on January 15, 1999, in Jakarta, started her career at the age of thirteen years old. Because his handsome face, white skin and tall body, many people will think that Jefri Nichol had a  foreigner blood when he actually was originally from Padang.


Before becoming known as now, Jefri Nichol was often rejected while attending various castings in film production houses, but due to his perseverance and enthusiasm, Jefri Nichol did not despair.


Jefri Nichol became known when starring in the soap opera “Pesantren & Rock n ‘Roll Reborn” in 2017 and became a model video clip at the same time playing in a movie titled “Love Letter For Starla” in early 2018.


Not only good at acting, Jefri Nichol is a teenager who cares about the environment and nature, to keep the environment Jefri Nichol always throw the garbage in place, as much as possible avoid the use of tissue, save electricity including energy-efficient use of mobile phones, not smoking to reduce air pollution and not drinking hard to maintain his health.


Being environmentally friendly and well behaved, as well as achieving good acting career, the Minister of the Environment and Forestry appointed Jefri Nichol as the friend’s environment ambassador.


The appointment of Jefri Nichol as this ambassador by the Minister of Environment and Forestry, so that all people, especially for teenagers of his age, are inspired by the good things done by Jefri Nichol.


After being appointed as the ambassador, Jefri Nichol started his action with mangrove planting, at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Muara Angke, North Jakarta.


That day Jefri Nichol looks very happy because the mangrove planting was done on January 15, 2018, which coincided with his birthday. According to Jefri Nichol, a birthday party is something that is commonly done by many people to celebrate his age.


For his 19th birthday, Jefri Nichol decided to play muddy in mangrove forests by planting 1000 plants. The mother, Junita Eka said that the love and concern for nature that exist in Jefri Nichol’s self-have been instilled since his childhood.


Mangrove planting is not only done in Jakarta, but also in 10 major cities in Indonesia, such as Aceh, Lampung, Padang, Semarang, and Jogjakarta. Jefri Nichol together with 4000 children in Indonesia, planted mangrove together. There are 10,000 mangrove seedlings planted in 10 major cities, in Indonesia.


The Minister of Environment and Forestry also invited Jefri Nichol to undertake a clean-up program called Three Months Clean Trash (TBBS). This program has been started from 21 January 2018 until 22 April 2018.


This Three-Month Clean Rubbish (TBBS) Program conducts a clean-up movement in public places spread across Indonesia, such as tourist attractions, public parks, and city streets.


Being a disciplined, hard-working, smart actor, a successful career, and caring for the environment and nature, Jefri Nichol is well regarded by all Indonesians, especially for teenage fans in Indonesia. The election of Jefri Nichol is the right choice so that teenagers in Indonesia can be inspired by a positive attitude by Jefri Nichol.


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