Toad & Co is a clothing company founded in 1997 that cares about social and environmental impacts. The company was originally founded as Horny Toad in 1991 by Jessica Nordhaus, who made fleece in her garage in Telluride, Colorado. Seabury took over the company a few years later they moved him to his living room in Chicago and increased sales by attending the Winter Market trade show in 1996.


Inspired by Ben & Jerry’s social initiatives, Seabury then partnered with Search, Inc., which conducts job training for disabled adults, to create Planet Access Company, which has become and remains their partner to date.


Toad & Co Carries the Environment-Friendly Concept

As we know, the fashion industry that carries the concept of sustainability and caring for the environment is increasing and there are more new approaches and technologies to attract attention and get a special place in the hearts of fashion fans.


There are more new players have sprung up, but some have pioneered a sustainable fashion for a long time and can maintain that mission until now. One of them is the Toad & Co. clothing brand. This brand originating from the United States offers a simple, casual and relaxed style so that the collection of clothing is suitable for everyday activities and their targets consumers are both men and women.


As we know, the sustainable fashion industry is no less interesting than the fashion industry in general. A brand that has the slogan Every Day is An Adventure invite the public to care about the environment and conduct an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Toad & Co Uses Environmentally Friendly Materials

“The clothing industry is one of the biggest contributors to water and air pollution on Earth. “If we want to change that number, we need help and commitment from everyone to join us in practicing an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle,” said Toad & Co in its official account. “We are not just running a business by making clothes, but we do change business. Our goal is to educate people in carrying out sustainable business practices and inspire many people to live their lives to the fullest. ”


They claim that 80% of the material used in their products comes from sustainable fiber, and the manufacturing plant has been certified responsible. In 2018 the brand was able to reduce the emissions released from the industry by 51 tons of CO2. “We have reduced the emissions that we produce on an equivalent basis to traveling 150,000 miles by vehicle. “These achievements are achieved thanks to the use of materials derived from organic cotton, recycled fiber, and other high-quality materials resulting from a clean factory process,” he explained.


Basic materials such as conventional cotton, acrylic, silk, viscose, and bamboo, actually consume a lot of water, are difficult to recycle and use chemicals that are harmful to the environment also make deforestation increase. Do not want to be just environmentally friendly, this brand proves that the material they use is truly environmentally friendly.


All materials use organic cotton, Tencel, recycled polyester, wool and hemp materials that have been proven to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared to conventional, acrylic, silk, viscose and bamboo cotton. In addition, Toad & Co products have passed the Bluesign test system and Standard 100 of Oeko-Tex, where both systems aim to monitor materials used in the manufacture of clothing that is safe and free of hazardous chemicals.


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