Ulla Johnson is a Manhattan-born designer. She is the daughter of a Serbian and Danish archaeologist. Her parents met while on duty in the area now known as Serbia. Ulla was small and was born and grew into a great designer whose work was inspired by nature.


Since childhood, Ulla has been accustomed to traveling from one city to another, moving from one country to another. In the early 70s, Ulla’s parents moved from Serbia to Iran for a year and a half with the baby Ulla. Often she and her family traveled memory more or less influenced the design of the clothes that Ulla created.


Ulla Johnson and her career in the Fashion World

Ulla established her eponymous clothing label since 1998 after completing her studies at university. The establishment of the label with great success immediately attracted the attention of the fashion press. Starting with a number of boutiques, it grew bigger with initial support from Barney New York.


Now the Ulla Johnson collection has penetrated internationally with the support of retailers throughout the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. During her business, Ulla always paid high attention and clung to the construction details that had become her trademark. Each collection she made is always made from natural fibers, has a beautiful finish, is easy to mix and match, and has the right shape.


Ulla believes that fashion is personal. This ready-made clothing designer has become a mainstay for many famous stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Vikander and Sienna Miller. Although the delicate design has hit the red carpet, Ulla Johnson always strives to ensure that every appearance of the design touches something deeper than just a trend.


Nature Inspires the Work of Ulla Johnson

The design of the Ulla design was admitted to be quite affiliated with interest. She personally likes to arrange lots of flowers. She thinks that nature can bring unexpected combinations that can inform work as well.


Maybe you assume there are colors that are too flashy or weird when combined, but after you get used to playing with objects and various shapes and full of colors, you will begin to feel the real joy. Such a concept is also brought by Ulla in her collection.


According to Ulla, style and beauty come from within one’s soul. Makeup, clothing, and anything that Ulla designed is only a means of supporting what really has emanated from one’s soul. The most important thing of appearance is health and glowing skin. The advice is to choose clothes that help radiate your aura.


What is not lost is one’s self-confidence. Whatever is worn, if we wear it with full confidence, then the opinions of others who are different from us will not tear down the aura that we emit.


Often we are hesitant in choosing what appearance will be shown to people. Often our style choices also stumble over the opinions of others who are not necessarily in line with their own conscience. Ulla explained that don’t be afraid to change your appearance even if you just wear it. Think of it as a fun thing and free your own opinion.


The inspiration can be found around us, like nature for example. The colors of nature and the charm that they present can be used as a source of inspiration to produce amazing works as well as clothing designs made by Ulla Johnson.


ulla johnson


ulla johnson


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