Horn necklace is slow fashion and there are more fashion industry turning to this slow fashion. When you hear the term slow fashion, it is a sure sign that you are on the right track.


Slow fashion was created in 2007 by Kate Fletcher from the Center for Sustainable Fashion based in the UK. The slow fashion concept is all about high quality products that are environmentally friendly and have a positive community impact. This is a fight against the highly developed fashion industry that is concerned with profit only instead of fights for small and independent businesses that support the local economy and certainly do not care about environmental impacts.


Horn Necklace is Slow Fashion

The question that we need to ask ourselves is whether we need to buy jewelry just to pursue a trend that keeps changing? Do we notice that this can endanger the environment and the planet if the jewelry purchased does not last long so we have to throw it away?


Need serious thinking about the fashion and purchase of these jewelry. Although there is a trend that arises every day, as part of the huma in this planet, it is our duty to think about the environmental impacts that occur from our buying habits.


What is the reason why the Horn Necklace is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion or sustainable fashion also applies to jewelry based on the manufacturing process and also the material, one of that is a horn necklace. Although there is an increased awareness of the same thing, efforts are still needed to make people realize the importance of slow fashion. When you are going to buy new jewelry, here are some things you can consider:


  1. Timeless design

Mass-produced designs can immediately look boring because they have been owned by hundreds and thousands of people and are seen everywhere. This makes you not look unique anymore, therefore it is expected to be wise in choosing jewelry. Avoid buying jewelry that is mass production and choosing handmade jewelry like horn necklaces because it is done slowly and creatively. This certainly supports slow fashion ideas and will be a different part that you can wear for years.


  1. Durable and not fast damaged

Slow fashion is the opposite of fast mode. Slow fashion or slow mode is a matter of creating and consuming products that are durable, well-made but offer a unique-looking appeal.


  1. High-quality

Slow mode has a higher quality because it is a piece of jewelry that is made with a handmade process.


  1. Investment

Slow mode also means buying jewelry that doesn’t drop in value as time passes. Your jewelry will be appreciated if you choose jewelry that is not made of plastic. Horn necklaces have timeless properties so they are not only used but can be passed down from generation to generation. Every part of the Jewelry is artistic handmade with love and care that strongly supports slow fashion.


  1. Care for the Environment

Awareness in choosing style gets the main portion in slow fashion. Buyers don’t just measure the aesthetic side and trends when consuming fashion products, but also consciously consider the social and environmental issues that lie behind them.


  1. Does not damage the body

Slow fashion is analogous to the second skin which must be really considered like the body itself. Careful buyers certainly don’t want to use fashion products that contain harmful ingredients for their bodies.

So the reason why horn necklace is slow fashion so that women increasingly know the positive impact of slow fashion both for themselves and the environment.


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