The Volte provides a new breakthrough in the world of sustainable fashion. As we know fashion recycling is nothing new, so vintage clothing stores and recently websites like The RealReal have become the secret behind many women who are able to style more optimally for decades. Indeed, recycling or wearing their clothes over and over is something nobles like the young generation like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle do.


In addition, there are environmental benefits from recycled fashion that go far beyond personal satisfaction, that is, giving a second chance to clothes that if not used again will end up in landfills.


The idea of ​​recycling this fashion also rapidly expanding sharing economy, where sharing everything from sharing a spare bedroom in your home, is now a new norm, affordable, and environmentally friendly. Now there is The Volte, the answer to Australian mode for Airbnb in the fashion world.


The Volte Clothing Rental With a New Breakthrough

Launched in May 2017 by four women namely two former lawyers, Bernadette Olivier, and Kym Atkins. In addition, two academics Genevieve Hohnen and Jade Mulgrew elementary school teacher. The Volte, the online platform that they built offers many choices of designer clothes and accessories to be rented by fashion lovers, as well as an option to become a lender, giving a second life to the dress so that it can be used more than once.


Since its launch last year, The Volte has a collection of more than 8,000 clothing collections, with lenders throughout Australia with active users of around 50,000 per month. This site is inclusive, serving all shapes and sizes, making it one of Australia’s most sustainable breakthrough success stories.


The founders of The Volte

The founder and CEO of The Volte, Kym Atkins, said the idea to set up the company came when the four founders saw a gap in the emerging fashion designer rental market. “Existing companies serve a group of certain borrowers. Luxury labels are not represented so this type of borrower cannot access the designer fashion rental industry. We also see an increase in economic sharing and potential income that you can get from assets that are not used. ”


Atkins added, “From a sustainability perspective, fashion is the second largest polluter in the world, mainly due to fast fashion. Encouraging people to see their clothes as an investment that is able to make money will not only support our designers but will also help the fashion industry work into a more sustainable industry. ”


Atkins notes that not only recycling or renting is positive for the environment, but is also a great way to rent an item that you would not normally buy. In addition, for us fashion lovers, this is a great way to make money from your designer closet. ” The Volte which is Australia’s new online platform does allow customers to rent designer dresses from ordinary women throughout Australia. The Volte operates differently from websites like Glam Corner or Rent A Dress, where customers rent the dress from the company. The Volte is even dubbed as “the Airbnb of fashion” because it encourages women to earn passive income from their branded glamorous dresses that are not touched in the wardrobe.


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