David Suzuki with full name is Takayoshi Suzuki CC OBC FRSC was born on March 24, 1936, in British Columbia, Vancouver. He was born from the parent’s name Setsu Nakamura and Kaoru Carr Suzuki. He is an academic, broadcaster of science and environmental activist from Canada.


Suzuki has a twin sister named Marcia, as well as two other brothers, named Geraldine (now known as Aiko) and Dawn. The maternal grandparents of Suzuki’s mother and father had emigrated to Canada in the early 20th century from Hiroshima and Aichi Prefecture respectively. Suzuki is the third generation of Japanese Canadian and known as “Canadian Sansei”.


David Suzuki The Scientist from Canada

David Suzuki earned his Ph.D. in zoology from Chicago University in 1961.  He is working at the University of British Columbia as a professor in the genetics department from 1963 until he is retired in 2001.


Suzuki has been known on television and radio series, documentary film and also writing books about nature and the environment since the 1970s. He is also famous as the host of the popular CBC Television in a science program, The Nature of Things. The broadcast has been watched in over 40 countries. He is also famous for criticizing the government for lack of action to protect the surrounding environment.


David Suzuki is an activist who has been participating for a long time to change global climate change. Suzuki founded the David Suzuki Foundation in 1990 as one proof of his concern for the environment.


He works to find ways that people can live in balance with the world and nature that has supported them. The Foundation’s priorities include oceans and sustainable fishing, climate change and clean energy, sustainability, and natural challenges.


The foundation he founded also works to help protect the oceans from large oil spills such as oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. Suzuki also served as director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association for five years from 1982 to 1987.


In 2009, Suzuki got the Right Livelihood Award and his book that he made in 2011, The Legacy, won the Nautilus Book Award. In 2004, David Suzuki was the list of nominees in the CBC television series for The Greatest Canadian of all time.


David Suzuki and his Environmental Action

Over the past few years, Suzuki has been a spokesman for global climate change. In February 2008, he even urged McGill University students to speak out against politicians who failed to act on climate change. Suzuki firmly said that climate change was a real problem and stressed that most scientists now agree that human activities are part of the responsibility.


According to Suzuki, some have received significant funding from coal and oil companies. They are linked to lobbying groups funded by the industry that aims to position that global warming is a mere theory and not a fact. Suzuki also is an ambassador for the 350.org environmental organization. This organization advocates to cut the  CO2 emissions and creating climate solutions to the environment.


David Suzuki wrote a lot of books, there were a total of 52 books, nineteen of which were books for children namely The Autobiography, Tree: A Life Story, The Sacred Balance, Genetics, and a series of children’s science books. We as the next generation also need to know and read more books written by David Suzuki because from there we can read and feel the thoughts of David Suzuki more closely.


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