The cleanest river in the world is rare but there are some and we will discuss it here. The river is a natural waterway which is usually fresh water that flows into the ocean, lake, sea, or to other rivers. In some cases, rivers only flow to the ground or dry up before reaching other water sources.


The small river is also known as a creek and there is no general rule that defines what can be called a river, even though in some countries it is based on its size.


There are a number of rivers in the world but most of them are polluted. But even though many have been contaminated, there are several rivers that are really clean. The following is the list.


The Cleanest River List in the World

1.River Thames

River Thames in  London has a long history. The River Thames is declared as dead river biologically due to the high level of pollution in the water. The situation became so bad that in the 1800s this river was known as The Great Stink.


Londoners also suffer from health problems including the Cholera Outbreak because the river is really dirty at that time and was used as a source of drinks for people around.


In 1857, the House of Parliament took a stand and finally made a plan in 1865 to clean the river with the help of Treatment Plants. With the help of these plants, strict laws against violating river pollution, not only good for the river but has gained the title of the cleanest river in the world.

the cleanest river in the world

River Thames


  1. Tara River (Drina)

Tara River belongs to the category of one of the cleanest rivers. This river is also called Jewel of Europe or Tear of Europe. This river is protected and is under the World Natural Heritage and World Biosphere Reserve based on UNESCO’s decision.


Tara is also home to several unique flora species. Some of these types of flora have existed since ancient times and still maintain their quality and authenticity.


In 2004, there were plans to build a dam in an area called Buk Bijela located in the Drina and in Tara Flood. The government finally canceled the plan because millions of citizens protested and signed various petitions.


Famous scientists from various parts of the world form a team and conduct scientific studies on how the plan will have an impact on the River environment. The team of 52 scientists concluded that the dam would be an ecological disaster if the Government of Montenegro continued its plan to build a dam on the Tara River.

the cleanest river in the world

Tara River


The St. Croix River is One of the Cleanest River in the World

  1. The St. Croix River

The St. Croix River is about 164 miles (264 km) long, there are states in Wisconsin and Minnesota in the US. 125 km (201 km) from the river forms the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota.


Apart from being one of the cleanest rivers, this river is also the National Riverway Scenic. This is because it is under the protection of the National Park Service.


The river has its own challenges. During the 1830s, the river was clogged with logs that polluted the water in the river. At that time the locals used the river to transport wood because there were no adequate roads.


Saw holders are used to catching wood from water to produce wood. Locals usually walk across logs from one side to the other. They also use driftwood to their advantage to build wooden water rafts and travel downstream to St. Louis. Finally, in 1915, it was marked by the end of the sawmill era which in turn helped in the process of cleaning the river automatically.


That is the list of the three cleanest rivers in the world. Hopefully, someday the river in Indonesia will also become one of the cleanest rivers in the world. Let’s help the government to make it happen.

the cleanest river in the world

St Croix River

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