Envelope1976 is a line of clothing and an online fashion world founded by Celine Aagaard. This clothing brand was widely used in casual wear in fashion shows in Stockholm last month. This new brand has a super-chic and sustainable style. Her debut was carried out vaguely during the Oslo Fashion Week.


In October, this brand will enter the shop. The designer of this brand, Celine Aagaard is a talented woman and a famous influencer. She has worked in the fashion and media world for 20 years. The Norwegian woman, who is now 41 years old, began living her life that stirred social media when she stopped on the streets of Paris while in charge of interviewing Justin Timberlake.


Celine Aagaard is the Founder of Envelope1976

Before pursuing a career as a designer, Celine first worked as a photojournalist, editor, writer, stylist, and consultant. She is a former editor of STYLE mag and STYLE Interior magazine, also the founder of Hippie hippie milkshake for the past fifteen years and finally became one of the most influential profiles of the fashion industry and lifestyle in Norway.


Celine, as its own commercial product designer, is a versatile trend expert with broad knowledge and insight into trends, fashions, lifestyles, and consumer behavior. This woman who also wrote three books was often mentioned and described in publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, W Magazine, style.com, NYLON, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Who What Wear, the Zoe Report, and le21eme.


She is very capable in the field of fashion and there is no doubt that Celine Aagaard has educated eyes. The things that inspire her is fashion as well as photographs of nature, travel, art, and families around her. One of the sources of her inspiration was her fascination with her father’s story about going to Studio 54 with Andy Warhol and meeting Salvador Dalí.


The story is an unexpected source of inspiration. Celine made it one of the elements of her personal wardrobe which was then poured into an Envelope1976 design in the form of a loose and neatly sewn “grandfather” jacket.


Envelope1976 is Sustainable Products

Celine is a hippie who has a gentle side to sharp lines and is a fan of what Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen did on the Row. The design on Envelope1976 has a bit of high-end aesthetics, but it’s pretty easy to reach. A $ 400 USD dress will be more meaningful to spread the message of sustainability.


Celine and Pia Nordskaug, who are also co-founders of the brand, have traveled the world in search of suppliers and manufacturers that meet their quality standards. Comfortable dresses and sweaters, and customized pieces made from materials such as natural cupro and recycled alpaca wool. The material is designed so that it can be worn and arranged in different ways. In the coloring process, they use vegan dyeing to form a natural pallet.


Celine makes clothes that can adjust various shapes and sizes that fit the woman’s body. Because nature also influences the tastes of Norwegian clothing, Celine’s designs are also made to consider the weather, but still look stylish. For example, she slipped a soft sweater over the ivory colored buttoned front dress in the showroom.


One more interesting thing about Celine’s design is its brand that sounds like an invitation. Envelope1976 invites people to be able to express themselves wisely and responsibly.


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