Swampy has the real name which is Daniel Hooper. This British guy was born in 1973. He is an environmental activist who is known for environmental protesters or environmental fighters. His face often appears in environmental protests, including protests that have occurred in Fairmile, Devon, for the expansion of the A30 road which is one of the main roads in England.


Daniel Hooper, the Swampy

Daniel’s figure began to be known nationally after taking action to spend a week in a series of complicated tunnels excavated on the new extension path to the A30, Fairmile road. Devon. The action took place in 1996 in order to reject the eviction attempt by the police.


Daniel Swampy was not alone, there were several people who also took part in the protest at that time. However, Daniel was the last person to be evicted by the police. After successfully displacing him from the tunnel, Daniel was sentenced by a judge who was the mother of David Cameron.


Daniel’s hometown is actually in Newbury, Berkshire. There was the scene of the protests over the creation of the Newbury bypass in 1996. Daniel then lived with his parents in Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire.


Environmental Protests by Swampy

After the eviction incident experienced by Daniel when protesting the expansion of the A30 road, his figure became increasingly public. He was often invited to interviews, fashion photo shoots, and had also appeared on the BBC Have I Got News for You, the comedy on April 18, 1997. In the event, Daniel became the youngest panelist at the time.


Daniel’s environmental action continues. He took part in another tunnel protest in 1997. The protest was intended to prevent the construction of a second runway at Manchester Airport. Daniel was also involved in camping action protesting the Trident nuclear diving in Faslane, Scotland.


Furthermore, in 2006 Daniel chose to live in a yurt with his partner and three children. Yurts, dome-shaped tents that Daniel and his family live in are located in the Tipi Valley, a remote New Age commune in Cwmdu near Llandeilo in West Wales.


The following year, 2007, news came about Daniel Hooper in the Sunday Mirror newspaper. Daniel was reportedly taking part in a climate change protest at Heathrow Airport. However, he deliberately kept himself low profile so as to ensure the messages of the demonstrators were not overshadowed by his fame. Until 2013, Daniel still lived on a commune in Wales with his family, while working as a Forestry Commission and running marathons and half marathons.


Until now Daniel still continues to be an environmental activist even though his name has rarely been reported by the media. Daniel now prefers to live a peaceful life by planting trees, caring for his vegetable garden, and running to the mountains.


The 45-year-old man said that some people really want to be famous, but he never and still doesn’t want to be famous. Even so, Daniel still cares about the environment; it’s just that someone else’s turn is in the spotlight.


The name Daniel Hooper is synonymous with environmental protests. The three major protests he committed were: leading hundreds of protesters who tied themselves to trees on the Newbury bypass in January-April 1996; became the last protester who was expelled from a tunnel under the 1997 Honiton bypass route; and held a camp in the tunnel channel below the road which would be made to expand the Manchester Airport runway.


The three major actions all failed, but their persistent efforts to bear their names were remembered by the universe. Swampy has been very concerned about the environment and that love for the environment is what we need to instill in each of us.


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