Yasmina Rossi was born in 1955 in France. She underwent a period of growth in the island of Corsica, an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and is still part of France. Despite the age of 63 years old, Yasmina still looks beautiful and fit up to now.


This beautiful young woman is a model and actress. She is also a yogi and a beach lover and because of her beauty, it is common she found the moment when an unknown person approached her and expressed her admiration for the beauty possessed by Yasmina Rossi.


French model and actress have a striking beauty and easy to make the women and men stunned to see it. Her natural beauty combined with a slim body shape and shiny skin is really a perfect combination. Not to mention the long hair that dangles beautifully, silver colored and only a few wrinkles are visible at her senior age. People who see it may be hard to believe knowing her real age.


Yasmina says that her beauty secrets are in her healthy lifestyle, including organic food, little physical activity, and natural oil use. These three things are not hard to do and can be applied to anyone.


Since she lived in the city where she grew up, Corsica, Yasmina always consumes organic foods. She has lived the habit since she was a teenager, even long before it became the current trend. Yasmina stressed that a healthy lifestyle is indispensable for the human body. She only eats fresh organic products (vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, and fish) and always avoids the consumption of drugs.


For her, water, yoga, and self-cooked organic food have met her healthy lifestyle needs. Do not forget to always live in a place that can provide peace, such as bathed-in dwellings and sea views. Living a life in its own way, doing what is desired and at the desired time is a basic need that Yasmina needs.


Yasmina never does a torturous diet. She also does not eat packaged food and is always faithful to avocado. This fruit is famous for its benefit that is able to nourish the body. The content of vitamin B5, vitamin K, folic acid, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin C in avocado can help reduce cholesterol and belly fat.


Healthy eating habits are also applied Yasmina by not consuming soft drinks or fruit juice packaging because this type of juice is usually too much sugar content. Since the menopause, she stopped drinking alcohol. Yasmina’s other unique method is to add coconut oil and egg yolks to the organic black coffee.


Subject to caring for skin and other body parts, Yasmina always entrusts it to products made from natural. Instead of using chemically made beauty products, Yasmina prefers to nourish her skin with oil, both from within and from outside.


Despite living in the beach area and having a sunbathing routine, Yasmina never uses sunscreen cream. She uses oil to moisturize her skin. Yasmina also routinely exfoliate her body once a week using refined sugar mixed with virgin oil.


In fact, Yasmina often experimented with various types of organic oils, from classical to exotic. She always found the unique personality of each of her experimental results.


Hair treatment was using natural ingredients as well. Her hair turned silvery since she was 12 years old and Yasmina never wanted to dye her hair. She let her hair dangle freely with her unique natural color.


Yasmina takes care of her hair by doing a cranial massage. The massage uses a variety of oils, such as hot grapeseed oil, castor oil, argan oil, rosemary and mint juice to smooth the blood circulation. In addition, she also uses shampoo products with organic material and avoids hair styling equipment to keep her hair healthy.


Yasmina’s healthy lifestyle is very simple. This proves that to achieve a healthy life does not have to be with a complicated and self-torturing path. According to Yasmina, happiness also plays a role in radiating aura of beauty in a woman. This is what makes Yasmina Rossi look beautiful inside out.


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