Adinia Wirasti, she is best known as Karmen who is a friend of Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo) in the movie “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?” in 2002.


The woman who is familiarly called Asti was born in Jakarta, January 19, 1987. She is the younger sister of the beautiful artist Sara Wijayanto. Before becoming a Karmen character in the movie “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?”, Asti started her career as a model in a teen magazine.


Since she was junior high school, Asti is fond of swimming and basketball. However, along with the improvement of her career in the world of entertainment, make her more difficult to do sporting activities. Not only that, she also does not pay attention to healthy lifestyles ranging from food and beverages consumed.


Plunging into the world of entertainment makes Asti has a glamorous life, she often attends parties in various places. She is also an active smoker and heavy drinker, though not alcoholic. She even could consume three packs of cigarettes a day.


Not only the consumption of cigarettes and liquor, Asti also regularly drink coffee every day, even up to  5 glasses per day.


This unhealthy lifestyle makes the condition of Asti body not fit, even she is often in and out of the hospital at least once a year due to typhoid.


Asti finally had conscious point on the pattern of her life when she woke up with a breathless condition, chest pain and the smell of cigarette smoke is still attached to her body. After she checked the doctor, the results showed that her lungs were damaged and defaced.


Since then she started to quit smoking and reduce her drinking habit. She only drinks a little wine while attending certain events, it is done only occasionally to honor the invitee. The rest she tried not to drink and not even touch alcoholic beverages again.


For food intake, Asti claimed to eat little but often. She eats 6 times a day by consuming lots of green vegetables, reducing carbohydrate foods and also reducing foods that contain lots of fat and do not forget to pay attention to levels of nutritional balance in the food.


Breakfast is also done routinely every morning, so as not to limp in running activities. If on a diet, just a healthy diet and no more junk food and she must keep doing sports activity.


After avoiding cigarettes and liquor, Asti is now living a healthy lifestyle not only paying attention to what is consumed but also actively doing sports, such as yoga, TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise), cardio, and Zumba.


Together with Dian Sastro, Asti created a healthy friendship movement and was popularized through social media account with hashtag #pertemanansehat. Initially they just often make an appointment for sports together, then thought to inspire as well as invite people to live healthy with diligent exercise.


Asti also often post photos when she is exercising and always provide sports tips to her followers on social media account.


For beauty, Asti always drinks plenty of water to always look bright and fresh. Not only that, Asti diligently use coconut oil for skin care and hair. For the beauty of her face, she uses a scrub made of natural materials.


According to Asti live a healthy lifestyle it should be based on intention in self, second of all, and this is very important, just get up do it, and do not keep it quiet. Adinia Wirasti has achieved a healthy life and as much as possible to avoid something that is harmful to her body, it is never too late to correct before it is really too late.


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