Slow fashion movements are increasingly being echoed, especially among environmentalists. As we know, fashion is the second largest making pollution in the world after oil. To find out more about the slow fashion movement, it’s important to know in advance the comparison to the idea of ​​fast fashion.


Fast fashion is a term used to describe clothing produced by the fashion industry which is usually made from materials that are cheaper and not durable due to lack of quality. To make you better understand the definition of slow fashion and why you should follow slow fashion, we have compiled a list of 5 main reasons why this movement will benefit you and the world around you.


Reasons Why Choose to Support the Slow Fashion Movement

  1. Concerning the quality above quantity

As in life choices, of course, we will prefer quality over quantity. High-quality food, better quality relationships, and experience so we need to ask each of ourselves why we should stop and not care when it comes to the quality in the clothes we wear?


The slow fashion movement produces clothing with higher quality than ‘fast fashion’ products. This is mainly due to the extra time and effort took to create products slowly and the use of more quality organic materials & resources compared to fast fashion.


  1. This will save you money

Of course, the items you buy from the slow fashion industry will be more expensive at first, but instead of having to throw away the t-shirts because they lose their shape in less than a month, your slow fashion clothes will be there for years to come and will save money in the long run. In addition, by reducing buying clothes and disposing of clothing that is not used anymore, it will certainly reduce clothing waste in this world.


The Slow Fashion Movement Is Not Just a Choice

  1. Choosing slow fashion will simplify your life

Have you ever looked in your wardrobe and seen a variety of clothes and still didn’t know what to wear and which? The problem behind the ‘fast fashion’ industry is that you have to buy whatever is the ‘latest trend’, even if you don’t like it too much because the environment says that this is the latest trend so you can’t help but want to follow trends and buy it. The slow fashion industry has provided sweet happiness because it forces you to choose items that you really like, making your daily life a lot easier.


  1. Slow fashion lowers your overall carbon footprint

Fast fashion processes that use a lot of dangerous pesticides and chemicals, not only harmful to the environment but can also affect farmers who work with these products. Slow fashion brands prefer to use safe ingredients and use organic cotton which means 100% free of pesticides. Of course, there are benefits for you in this regard because you don’t want these bad chemicals on your skin every day.


  1. Slow fashion production is 100% transparent

The sad fact that the fast fashion industry is so complex, it is almost impossible to find out the names of these clothing brand manufacturers. In comparison, the slow fashion brand is 100% transparent, meaning you can easily find out the company and name of the person who has farmed, designed, and produced a piece of clothing that you end up wearing. Just as you want to know about many other aspects of your life, the slow fashion movement gives you the same opportunity.


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