Persia White, her name is very well known for her role as Lynn Searcy in the comedy series Girlfriend which was broadcast from 2000 to 2008. The American actress born October 25, 1972 also works as a singer and musician. Not only that, this beautiful woman is also known as an environmental activist.


There are many artists who support the environmental movement as proof of their concern for the nature in which they live. Various supports are shown in various ways. Some artists show it by participating in environmental organizations, loving and fighting for animal rights, being a vegan, and many other ways that can be done as is also done by Persia White.


Persia White Cares for the Environment

Persia proves its concern for the environment by becoming a vegan, advocate for animal protection, and active in environmental activities. This woman has been an ethical vegetarian for more than 10 years.


When Persia was small, she saw her dog run over and some of the skin was torn so that the flesh of the leg could be seen. She loved her dog. Immediately she realized that the inside of the torn skin was similar to what was served as her dinner two hours before she saw the unfortunate event befall her pet dog. Since the incident Persia has been reluctant to eat meat again.


Her love for animals made her moved to become an advocate for animal rights defenders. In 2005, Persia was honored by PETA as “Humanitarian of the Year”. She was also a model in the PETA advertisement entitled “This Is the Rest of Your Furry Coat”.


The advertisement is intended to attract mass attention to the injustices that animals receive due to human activities. Innocent animals were deliberately killed to take their feathers and make them as fashion products. In the name of mere fashion satisfaction, the right to live for animals is simply taken away.


In the advertisement that was exhibited by Persia, she held a dead animal whose body was still intact, but without a single feather left on the body. When interviewed by PETA regarding its response to the concept of advertising, Persia claimed to be quite shocked and goosebumped at having to hold the animal. However, from there she thought that was what reminded her when she first decided to become a vegetarian and get involved in animal activism.


Persia White and the Environmental Action

This actress, musician, singer, producer and animal activist is driven by her passion to change the world. With the entertainment world she was practicing, Persia tried to spread the love of the environment to the public. She co-produced the award-winning documentary entitled Earthlings, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix and involved in the Whale Wars series on Animal Planet.


Other environmental actions carried out by the Persians were shown by joining the board in the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society organization. Persia is a valuable member of the organization because of its love for her life and her concern for the environment, and her extraordinary empathy for animals.


Persia is also active as a member of the United Nations Humane Society, Global Green, Farm Sanctuary, CCHR, and PETA. In addition to being an environmental activist, the wife of Joseph Morgan is one of the founders of Echoed Images, a new production company that has a mission to create awareness and change media in the world.


This beautiful woman is never tired of spreading environmental messages in her activities. She strives to use her popularity as an artist to set a good example and hope her fans can follow the good things she does so as to provide good benefits to the surrounding environment. That is the main goal of Persia White.


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