Auckland with the modern beauty can treat our eyes to a number of natural charm. The beautiful edge of the beach and the vast expanse of prairie make our eyes will be pampered with such beauty.


The winter in Auckland falls from June to August, spring falls in December, the dry season falls in January and falls in February, which is the opposite of all the countries in Europe.


Auckland is flanked by two ports which are south of  Manukau Harbor and north of Waitemata Harbor.  We will see the Sky Tower Tower and downtown Auckland from a distance from the Waitemata Harbor.


At the harbor, we can also see the cruise ships lined neatly and many birds perched on the edge of the pier. At the harbor is also provided roads for pedestrians and a special lane for people who wants to cycle.


Auckland doesn’t have that big airport, but Auckland City is a major transportation hub in New Zealand. And although it is not the capital of New Zealand, Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand.


To the east of Auckland city, there is an island called Waiheke Island. This island has presented the beauty of the sea when we see that from the distance. On this island, there are approximately 15 wineries and the wines served on Waiheke Island are high-quality wines.


The visitors can enjoy the wine while enjoying the beautiful expanse of sea around Waiheke Island. On this island, visitors can relax, swim or just enjoy the sun exposure on the edge of the sea.


Another island, which is Rangitoto Island presents the crater scenery of the volcano, and it only takes one hour to arrive at the peak. When arriving at the peak, visitors can also see the island of Hauraki Gulf from the top.


In addition to the beauty of the islands, Auckland has a park located in the city center. Albert Park is a public park and opened for 24 hours. Albert Park presents the beauty of the trees and some typical plants from New Zealand as well as large statues and fountains.


In addition to Albert Park, Auckland also has another public park called Auckland Domain Wintergardens. This park is in the region of Grafton, this park is also the largest and oldest park in the city of Auckland. Inside the park are a historic museum, two greenhouses, cherry gardens, fern gardens, and a fish pond. Auckland Domain Wintergardens is also provided to the public and opened for 24 hours.


In addition to islands and parks, Auckland also has extensive green pastures. This place is called One Tree Hill, in One Three Hill visitors will see the beauty of a vast expanse of meadows, lush trees, hundreds of free-running sheep, and visitors will also enjoy the birds chirping perched between the trees.


Next, to One, Three Hill is Cornwall Park, Cornwall Park is like One Tree Hill, has a vast expanse of meadow, lush trees and hundreds of free-running sheep. Although One Tree Hill and Cornwall Park are adjacent and occupy the same territory they are in a  different management.


From a quick review of Auckland’s natural beauty, are you interested to visit this natural beauty? This city will be the perfect choice for solo trips or for family vacations.



Waitemata Harbor



Manukau Harbor

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