The Beach movie is an American movie released on February 11, 2000. The movie is based on a novel story written by Alex Garland. Alex Garland is a novelist, screenwriter, film producer, and also a director from England.


Alex gained popularity in 1990 with his novel “The Beach”, his novel and the movie were welcomed by many communities.


This movie is played by several famous artists, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Virginie Ledoyen, Guillaume Canet, and many more. This movie tells about a backpacker who played by Leonardo DiCaprio who was visiting Thailand. During his time in Thailand, Leonardo feels something more than just a journey.


Backpacker and natural beauty in this movie are very highlighted. Backpacker is a traveling activity with a lower budget but has the maximum satisfaction, such as sleep anywhere and explore a new place with a backpack on their back. A true backpacker usually those who are looking for natural places but not much touched by human hands


The Beach is one of the best movies that tells about backpacker. The beginning of the story, a man named Ricard who is played by Leonardo, took a long journey to get to Maya Bay, Thailand.


Upon arriving at the hotel, Ricard meets a mysterious man named Daffy, who gives Ricard a map and says that the map is a guide to a place like heaven. Ricard was curious and accepted it. Shortly after Ricard received the map, Daffy was found dead.


This so-called “Heaven” is a gorgeous hidden beach, unknown to many people. This beach is not the usual tourist destinations crowded with tourists.


Finally, Richard reaches this beautiful beach on a hidden island that he knows by reading a map. In this beautiful island, it turns out there are already eccentric associations, most of them are a backpacker and settled on the island. They prefer to stay for long periods rather than having to go home. For them, the island is a heaven that needs to be preserved and to keep it secret.


The people’s association strictly prohibits anyone from telling to others about this beautiful island. If one of the members wants to leave the island for example to get food supply, they should be permitted by the chairman of the association. The goal is to keep the secrecy of the island.


At the end of the story this gathering of people dispersed by itself for one reason or another. But on the other hand, the beauty of this island has become not secret anymore, and there is no guarantee of their nature afterward.


There is selfishness created because they keep it secret to everyone, but there is a positive value because if enjoyed by many people then this beautiful island might be ruin.


Leonardo starts to think about the need for protection to preserve nature and the earth. Keeping an island clean requires synergy not just from the local people but the local government as well. There is a need for awareness from visitors to keep the island environment from waste and damage to living things around it.


That is what makes Leonardo determined to be an environmental activist. Although this is an old movie from 2000, many of the environmental lesson that we can apply to the present and the future. Even Leonardo was even intrigued by this movie.


The Beach movie teaches us that the importance of keeping nature and keeping it away from the hands of destroyers who just want enjoy the beauty alone but don’t want to think about the future of the environment around it.


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