Nadia Hutagalung is an Indonesian Australian supermodel and started her career when she was in Junior High School by becoming a model in Japan. Nine years into her career in the field of modeling, Nadia began to explore the profession as a VJ (Video Jockey) in one of the Asian TV stations, which at the time also broadcast in the 90s in Indonesia.


She is not only famous in Indonesia as a  VJ her name also known at neighboring countries. After her name was known in almost all Asian countries, Nadia received many offers, ranging from advertisement stars, soap operas, and presenters on various tv shows.


In 2006, Nadia married with Desmond Koh in Bali, a swimmer from Singapore. After they got married, Nadia decided to stay in Singapore following her husband. In Bukit Timah, Singapore, Nadia and her husband make a very eco-friendly home. This house is the first eco-house in Singapore considering the country of Singapore is a very modern country.


In making this eco-house, Nadia uses materials derived from recycled materials, used furniture and electronic used dozens of years. And if it breaks, Nadia prefers to fix it instead of buying new. All building materials and home supplies were purchased by Nadia, not far from the location of the house she built, in order to reduce the carbon footprint.


Her clothes and shoes already used for at least 6 years and for bags she bought it 2 years ago and even is not a famous brand. If the items not used, Nadia saves it neatly so that one day can be used by her child.


In 2007, Nadia and her husband created a website called This website deals with eco-friendly lifestyles, how to practice eco-friendly lifestyles, healthy food menu recipes, eco-fashion, beauty, technology, and knowledge.


In 2012, Nadia was appointed by John Hardy and Cynthia Hardy the owner of Green School Bali to become an honorary council at Green School Bali.


Renowned for her environmental and natural concerns, Nadia was honored as “The Most Responsible International Celebrity” given by The International Green Awards in 2013.


In 2014, Nadia met with one of her friends named Tammie, Tammie tells of the suffering experienced by the African Elephant, who was killed for their tusk. Hearing Tammie’s story, Nadia immediately decided to go to Africa to see directly the condition of the elephants that were there.


Before leaving, Nadia gathered environmental friends to join the rescue team of elephants in Africa. She is doing campaigning on “Let Elephants Be Elephants” program. The purpose of this campaign, it to tell to all the people in the world to protect rare animals, especially on the Elephant.


Nadia’s parents are making Nadia inspired by the environment, one of them by caring about the environment and loving rare animals, including elephants. Nadia grew up between elephant statues and elephant paintings throughout the house.


In her daily life, Nadia also teaches her children to live a healthy and loving environment, one of which provides a healthy diet of organic vegetables and fruits and avoids meat as much as possible.Nadia and her daughter even changed the remaining of food wrappers into  something useful and high artistic value


Healthy vegetarian diet and yoga exercise, make Nadia live healthily and stay beautiful even though she was almost half a century.


From the short story about Nadia Hutagalung, there are many positive things that we can take advantage of her concern for the environment, and lead a healthy life. Let us take care of this earth with the use of recycled materials and healthy living by maintaining the diet as what  Nadia Hutagalung did. As what Mahatma Gandhi said that earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed


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