Ryan Gosling was born in Ontario, Canada November 12, 1980, as Ryan Thomas Gosling. Ryan Gosling is the son of Thomas Ray Gosling and Donna. His ancestry is French-Canadian, as well as English, Irish and Scottish. His father was working as a factory worker at a paper factory and his mother Donna works as a secretary.


Ryan Gosling started his career as a little star on the variety show “The Mickey Mouse Club” in 1993. Then, Ryan has an interest in acting after watching the action of Silvester Stallone on the movie “Rambo: First Blood”.


A few years later Ryan Gosling moved to Los Angeles and started becoming a teen idol starring in the series “Young Hercules”. His career then began to climb after starring in the movie “The Believer” in 2001 that won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.


Ryan Gosling also began to be more famous when he played the main character in the romantic drama movie “The Notebook” (2004). Ryan Gosling then became the main character again in the movie “Half Nelson” (2006) which eventually brought his name to be one of the recipients of nominations for the best actor category at the Academy Award.


Ryan Gosling is said to be a part of various social activities included joining the organization of the Wildlife of Animals PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on several campaigns related to animal consumption, Ryan also once volunteered after the storm Katrina hit the city of Mississippi in 2005 and was active on missions with humanitarian issues in Central Africa and Congo.


Ryan Gosling Joined  As Team Animal Rescue Organization

In November 2011, there was a video depicting the persecution of laying hens at Sparboe Farms, a fast-food restaurant supplier named McDonald.


In the video released there was a chicken torture in three warehouses Sparboe Farms, namely in Colorado, Iowa and Minnesota. The video was allegedly taken between May and August 2011.


The cruelty to the chickens was also seen in the show as the chickens were crammed into a crowded enclosure. The cruelest impression is when a worker presses his thumb on the neck of the chick until it breaks.

Ryan Gosling as an animal rescue team suddenly shocked and angry at the video, and immediately urged and condemned McDonald and Sparboe Farm to maintain animal welfare, especially in ranchers.


At the urging of Ryan Gosling, Sparboe Farms president and owner Beth Sparboe Schnell sacked four employees in the video.


In a letter sent by Ryan Gosling, Ryan confirms to McDonald to really love humanity for the animals that he will work on so that McDonald can take responsibility for the word contained in his slogan “I’m Lovin It”.


Ryan Gosling Love On Animals

According to Ryan Gosling, his dog named George is more interesting than himself. “The friendship between dogs and humans is hard to understand. But when you feel the love on the four feets, then you must understand what is being felt “said Ryan Gosling.


By wearing George’s necklace around his neck, this is one of the ways Ryan Gosling did to remember his beloved dog. As you already know, wearing a dog leash in humans is not an easy thing. However, Ryan Gosling made it as a proof of his love.


Not Just Animal Lover, Ryan Gosling Also Environmental Lover

Ryan Gosling doesn’t think about the design or the high price of a vehicle, but he thinks about the importance of the environment and really choosing a very environmentally friendly vehicle. Ryan’s prestige, for the sake of buying a vehicle that cost far more fantastic, and only prioritize the environment, to stay safe when he drove. Therefore Ryan prefers a very environmentally friendly vehicle, the Lexus Hybrid RX 450h. Lexus Hybrid RX 450h is an environmentally friendly car, which is also the best-selling car in the United States.


With a handsome face, having a lot of skills, being an actor, director, producer, writer background, musician, entrepreneur, having animal and environmental attitudes, Ryan Gosling is a good example for those of you who want to participate in protecting animals and protecting the environment. There is a saying from Mahatma Gandhi that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.


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