Marina Spadafora is creative director of Auteurs du Monde, Altromercato ethical fashion label, also a coordinator of Fashion Revolution Day in Italy. Marina became known worldwide in the 1990s thanks to its collection featuring cutting-edge knitting.


Since her debut, she later collaborated with major labels such as Ferragamo, Prada, and Miu Miu. What Marina does always involve a strong social and environmental focus. She believes that ethics and aesthetics can be obtained simultaneously.


Marina Spadafora on the Day of the Fashion Revolution

Marina already knows the fashion world really well. This woman is the daughter of a textile entrepreneur, the first costume designer, then became a designer. Since 2015 Marina has been appointed as the National Coordinator of the Day of the Fashion Revolution, an initiative aimed at empowering consumers to shop more consciously and cautiously.


The day is also intended to commemorate the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh in 2013 that killed 1133 garment workers who sew clothes at a low price. Marina described her activities as “Fashion with Missions” and her commitment was to receive the United Nations “Women Together” award in New York.


Marina wants the prize in recognition of her development and work opportunities for craftsmen in the southern part of the world. By 2015 Marina is already a creative director of Auteurs du Monde, a line of clothing from Altromercato and she is very enthusiastic about the line.


Her motivation is driven by a commitment to the sustainable mode she believes that each person can put their skills in community service to help improve the world. Marina wants to use her professionalism and put it to serve the common good.


The transition of Marina Spadafora to become Eco-Fashion Designer

Marina’s first turning to eco-friendly and sustainable fashion began when she was involved in the creation of the BANUQ project, a collection made entirely in Africa with organic fabrics. After that, for the first time, this blond-haired woman was summoned by Cangiari, an ethical fashion brand born in Calabria. Marina was given the opportunity to relaunch the hand loom.


Marina finally meets up with Altromercato and is entrusted with creative direction from Auteurs du Monde line of apparel and accessories. The line was created by craftsmen who joined in the World Fair Trade Organization circuit and is an example of ethics that meets aesthetics.


The clothing made by these lines uses high-quality fabrics made exclusively with natural and environmentally-oriented fibers. The making is also strictly made by hand, respecting people and the environment. Hundreds of skilled craftsmen are involved in the loading of the collection, often the craftsmen are women who live in the villages of Asia, Latin America, and Africa.


Marina Spadafora argues that ethical fashion is actually a necessity. Product clarity and transparency over the supply chain of goods purchased from a company must be delivered to the consumer. What people expect is that these companies can also guarantee the welfare of their workers on a salary that matches the real needs of employees.


Marina very much hopes the whole world of fashion will become more ethical and normed, without exception. Fashion actors are expected to better consider the impact of their production on the social and environmental. Thus, a better world will be created and can make the living more alive. Marina Spadafora believes that what she hopes will happen soon.


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