Bleusalt is a clothing brand founded in 2017 by photographer Lyndie Benson, which is an eco-friendly outfit originating from Malibu and all made in Los Angeles. For many years living on the coastline of Point Dume in Malibu, Benson destroyed more than one cashmere hoodie while walking in the morning when she put it as a pedestal sitting on the sand so she searched for a better quality beach hoodie.


She likes cashmere but the fabric is hot, sticky, valuable and cannot hold the beach elements. She does not want just to wear sports pants, Ugg, and hoodies, she also wants to wear clothes that can beautify themselves with strong materials for the beach climate.


The design reflects the graceful lifestyle of the breeze in the coastal city of Malibu. Cindy Crawford and Kris Jenner are among fans of clothes sold on Bleusalt, which ranges from $ 50 to $ 140 for pants worn by Cindy Crawford.

Men who want to relax in luxury can take the right trousers or casual blazer specially designed by Patrick Dempsey in addition to hoodies, pullovers, and sweaters and have a special collection of capsules. Dempsey was interested in designing because he liked the hoodies that he bought on the Bleusalt website. “I have to design for Bleusalt because that’s all I want to wear.”


Bleusalt starts from a small idea

Benson started with fabrics like cashmere made from beechwood fiber and finally launched her small label, Bleusalt. The concept of great clothes often comes from someone trying to solve a problem. Benson’s quest to design clothes that worked for her and her friends in Malibu resulted in a line of wearable “athleisure” luxury clothing, in various sizes she called 0 to 6.


Clothing industry veteran Serge Azria lent the production site and helped Benson work with production facilities in the Los Angeles area. Beechwood trees are planted in Austria, but knitting, cutting, and sewing are done in two factories in Vernon and a factory town near downtown Los Angeles.


“This is entirely made in Los Angeles, that’s one of the great things about it,” said Benson, who questioned why more labels were not produced locally for the control and convenience it provides.


Benson originally planned to sell the channel only directly to consumers on the website but is currently reviewing offers to stores after receiving several requests.


Bleusalt and its Concern for the Environment

Starting this business is part of a life change for Benson, who split a few years ago from her husband, jazz saxophonist Kenny Gorelick or better known as Kenny G. The couple has two sons, Max Gorelick, an instrumental guitarist with “progressive metal” and Noah Gorelick, a music student at USC.


Benson has always been very concerned about the environment so that the clothes designed are made from environmentally friendly materials. Clothing made from fiber from Beechwood trees planted in Austria is 100 percent sustainable because it breeds without irrigation or planting. Most importantly, all products are packaged without any waste at all because each item is wrapped from leftover material from clothing and Bleusalt donates a portion of each sale to the Sculpt the Future environmental foundation.


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