The sustainable footwear brands are increasingly sought after by public awareness to of all types of fashion accessories that are environmentally friendly. More than 23 billion pairs of shoes are made annually and from that number, more than 300 million pairs are thrown away annually. Unfortunately, the time needed to make a shoe that has been wasted becomes unraveled longer than the time of manufacture. On average, it can take up to 30-40 years for one pair of shoes to completely unravel at a landfill. The shoes produce an alarming amount of carbon dioxide.


Sneakers are one of the most extravagant items but the increasingly booming footwear industry shows no signs of slowing down, especially since this type of shoes has high demand. However, as buyers become more educated about the environmental issues associated with producing their clothes and shoes, brand owners will be more eager to offer alternative shoes that are more sustainable.


Below you will find shoe brands that are trying to set new standards by making sneakers with innovative, environmentally friendly materials and more sustainable production methods. In the past, most buyers would not think too much about how exactly the goods they bought were made, but that is no longer true today. In addition to demanding innovative trends and innovation styles, educated consumers now expect products to be made responsibly.


Here is a list of brands that use innovative, environmentally friendly materials and more sustainable production methods to make sneakers.


List of Sustainable Sports Shoe Brands

  1. Reebok NPC UK Cotton + Corn

When Reebok first launched the Cotton + Corn NPC UK sneakers, it displayed a leather accent on the heel, but after receiving criticism from Peta, the brand took the initiative to make the shoes become vegan. The updated sneakers have 100% cotton tops, soles made from corn, and insoles made from castor oil. Even the packaging comes from 100% recycled material.

sustainable footwear brands

  1. Adidas x Parley

When we discuss the most important sportswear brands, Adidas is the most vocal brand about its sustainability efforts and the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans has become their biggest collaborator. The two brands worked together for the first time in 2015 with sneakers using yarn made from recycled plastic and sea gill nets. They officially launched the product to the public in 2016.

In 2017 Adidas sold 1 million and in 2018, 5 million pairs of sneakers were made with recycled plastic Parley and planned for 2019 this would be 11 million pairs. Today, you will find Parley recycled materials in all types of shoes, from running shoes like Alphabounce + Run and Ultra Boost to outdoor shoes like Terrex Two.

sustainable footwear brands

List of Additional Sustainable Footwear Brands

  1. Nothing New

The brand that was founded in 2019 aims to have a positive impact on the planet and educate the people who live in it. Unlike most brands that only make steps to improve their environment, sustainability is the core of this brand. As the name suggests, Nothing New sneakers are made only with recycled materials. The top part is 100% post consumer recycled plastic, while the other components are made from recycled cotton, fishing nets, rubber and cork.

Outside the production process, Nothing New offers a $ 20 discount for new shoes to those who send their used shoes back. Depending on the condition of the sneakers, Nothing New will clean and donate them or break them down and put the materials back in their recycling supply chains.

sustainable footwear brands

  1. Tread by Everlane

Tread by Everlane is a quality leather shoe. With 94.2% plastic soles, leather sourced from the cleanest tanneries in the world, straps and linings made from recycled plastic bottles, The Trainer is called- the lowest low impact shoe in the world.

sustainable footwear brands

  1. Converse Renew

Chuck Taylor All-Star is one of the most timeless shoes on the planet, but Converse has proven that it can stay connected to modern demands. Using 100% recycled plastic bottles to fill its canvas, the Renew Collection is the latest example of its commitment to produce with more care for the environment. The process begins with a plastic bottle sourced from a UK-based recycling company, First Mile. The plastic is then ground into chips, melted down, rolled into bales, spun into yarn, and woven into canvas. That’s the list of sustainable footwear brands that you can include in your shopping list.

sustainable footwear brands



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