Lorna Regina Bautista Legarda and known as Loren Legarda. She was born on January 28, 1960, and an environmental activist, philanthropist, journalist, and politician who is listed as the only woman in two senatorial elections, 1998 and 2007.


Born in Malabon, Loren became the only daughter of Antonio Cabrera Legarda and Bessie Gella Bautista. Loren had been introduced since childhood and taught many things about love for culture and art, and the indigenous population.


Loren Legarda is one of the most influential women in the Philippines

While holding the position of senator, Loren was considered as one of the most productive Senate members in the Philippines. She is also one of the most popular candidates for the administrative party, Team PNoy.


The 58-year-old senator is listed as the only woman who excelled in two senatorial elections. Her popularity can be seen from the votes she gained up to a total of 15 million votes in 1998 and 18.4 million votes in 2007.


The US Embassy included Loren’s name as one of the five most influential women in the Philippines. The United Nations declared Loren as the United Nations Global Champion for Resilience in 2015 and she also led the formation of the Climate Vulnerable Forum which included 20 vulnerable climate countries. Loren initiated the majority of environmentally-related cultures and laws in the Philippines that set environmental and cultural policies in the country.


Many indigenous communities in the Philippines regard these beautiful black-haired women as their honored members and daughters because they have supported the rights of indigenous peoples since the 1970s. Loren has been a key delegate from the Philippines to UNESCO for several times.


Loren Legarda got many achievements, including receiving a prestigious award in 2016 from Dangal ng Haray Patron of Arts and Culture. Her name is honored as Chevalier in France and Cavaliere in Italy and was chosen by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) in 2017.


Loren Legarda and her dedication to the environment

Loren devoted her work to ensure that future generations of Filipinos could live in an enabling environment. She wants an environment where natural resources are used in a sustainable and fair manner; social justice, human rights, peace, and cultural diversity. In addition,  opportunities for quality education and decent work for all citizens who work hard to escape poverty.


In carrying out her duties as a member of the Senate, Loren always tried to pay attention to every citizen, including the Muslims who lived in the Philippines. Her extraordinary work for the purpose of the Muslim community has rewarded her with the title Bai Bai labi (Daughters of Muslim Honor) which was awarded from the Marawi Sultanate League.


Originally, Loren came from Visayan politics. She wrote many laws that are important for the environment. In addition, the law she made also deals with the protection of women and children, the resilience of cultural and rural livelihoods, the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises, and the promotion of health right for every Filipino workers.


Some of the environmental laws that Loren has made are RA 8749 – Air Cleaning Actions; RA 9003-Action Solid Waste Management; RA 10121-Action on Disaster Risk Management and Reduction; RA 9729-Action on Climate Change; and RA 10174-Law of the People’s Survival Fund.


Loren also often promotes tree planting. By planting many trees, the environment can be saved and climate change can be overcome. Let’s love and save the environment by making real actions that have a positive impact on the environment, for example by planting a lot of trees.


It is important is to instill in the minds of the present and future generations therefore we must save the environment while there is still time as what Loren Legarda said.


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