Gorilla Socks offers trendy socks as well as conservation of Gorilla, the largest primate animals simultaneously. Environmentally friendly, the company’s products contribute to the preservation of gorillas and the planets.


Gorilla Socks makes unusual products, the material comes from environmentally friendly materials. They are an Italian-American company that was founded last year in New York. The company produces a line of socks made of special fibers extracted from bamboo plants.


The socks company was founded by Gianluca de Stefano, a Neapolitan who emigrated to New York. After traveling to Asia, the home of bamboo, he and his colleague Gavin Kamara built Gorilla-branded socks on their way back to New York.


The story behind Gorilla Socks

The company appreciated a light conversation between Gianluca and Gavin. At that time they were chatting while cycling on the banks of the Hudson River. Unexpectedly, from the light conversation, it actually creates a brilliant idea.


One of them told his friend about their business shortcomings. They had their spirits, but no idea came up. When his friend calls bamboo fiber, suddenly new ideas are born and the lives of the two men change forever.


The two men had known each other for a long time, even a flat buddy at the university. They have the same dream, which is to build social entrepreneurship. Both not only want to be the owner of the business alone but also want to make the impact of changes in the world with its brand.


After paying attention to the market, Gianluca and Gavin felt the lack of superior products available. Everyone can sell socks and can get it at any stores whenever they want it. But what these two men wanted to do was to sell something better, make it well, last longer, and nice to wear. They both love socks, and Gavin’s bamboo fiber idea has perfected their spirits.


Why bamboo is considered better is because of antibacterial, anti-fungal, and odor resistant bamboo fiber. That’s what makes it the perfect material for something your feet will wear all day long. Bamboo fibers are also perfect in thermoregulation, so socks made from it can keep you warm during the winter and summer winters.


Bamboo is an environmentally friendly material because it requires only a small amount of water to grow, in fact, it takes less than 1/3 of the amount of water it needs to grow. Bamboo is known as the fastest growing plant in the world, making it quite economical and can have an impact on the planet.


The plant fibers are then transformed into colorful socks with a catchy pattern. The material ensures excellent durability and adaptability for all seasons throughout the year, simultaneously presenting aseptic and antibacterial function. The elastic component of the sock makes it soft and suitable for any type of shoe.


Gorilla socks are made exclusively in China, given the difficulty of availability of its raw materials in Europe. Its products have been certified OEKO-TEX, independent test, and certification system for textile. Initially only sold in the American market only, but now available in Italy and can be purchased either through its web or platform like Amazon.


Gorilla Socks Contributes to Gorilla Conservation

This company does not stop until the matter of product quality alone, they also have an impact on the planet. As the name implies, this sustainable sock has been linked directly to The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, an American foundation that also has offices in Rwanda and Congo and is responsible for the conservation, protection, and study of mountain gorillas and their habitats.


The foundation was founded by Dian Fossey, zoologist, primatologist and anthropologist who dedicated 18 years of his life to studying and perfecting her method. Her research is still ongoing until now through fundraising. The collected funds are used in conservation for Daily Protection, Science Research, Conservation Education, and Community Assistance.


Currently, mountain Gorillas are experiencing major difficulties like all other gorilla species. WWF marks mountain gorillas as highly endangered animals with fewer than 900 gorillas worldwide. The status as “Critically Endangered” is just one step away from extinction in the wild.


It also seized the attention of Gorilla Socks. Therefore, this company helped build a bridge between consumers and conservation fund for Dian Fossey foundation. At least 10% of the purchase of these premium socks is given to the outstanding charity.


The dreams of Gianluca and Gavin are realized through hard work, dedication, and passion to support those in need. This makes their company worthy of praise for all these efforts.


Shopping may be a hobby for some people. With simple actions like shopping for socks, they can help support an amazing program that fights hunters and gorilla conservation efforts. Not only Gorilla Socks, shopping for eco-friendly items also means contributing to the planet. Start raising your awareness when deciding to buy an item.


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