Adriene Mishler was born on September 29, 1984, in Austin, Texas, United States. She is the child of Melba Martinez, an actress. Adriene Mishler radiates a lot of spiritual thought also has a high sense of humor.


She has a youtube channel that can be accessed by 3.2 million loyal customers. When she mentions self-love or chakra, she replaces it with the words “Okayyyy, Adriene,” or when she directs you to sit in the position of a cross-armed-cross-legged pretzel where you raise your head, she murmurs, “It’s like Ariel on the rock, talking to my generation, little mermaid jokes. ”


That’s why fans call it ridiculous and authentic, clichés that are too often used in the world of YouTube, but their fans are really serious to really like the way she teaches. They insist that there is something unique about Adriene. You should try to understand why this woman has the top six videos when you search “yoga” on YouTube and dominate Google search.


Adriene Mishler and Yoga

It’s no secret that yoga has fully mastered the western hemisphere for the past few decades. You can find many yoga studios almost everywhere even you tend to have at least some friends who practice yoga.


But how can this happen? Considering that yoga was not so popular in the United States until a few decades ago, although it has been around for centuries. It could be said that yoga does not get attraction just because suddenly people decide to go up to the mat to do some poses. To encourage the popularity of yoga, there must be a group of people who help spread the word. And that’s where yoga influencers come into play.


Yoga Teachers like Indra Devi, B.K.S. Iyengar or Pattabhi Jois brought yoga to America during the 60’s, but the way the internet increased the popularity of yoga has changed everything. Amazing.


Today, there are lots of videos on YouTube that allow you to practice at home, thousands of magazines, blogs, podcasts, and many other resources that are dedicated exclusively to yoga lovers.


Although the most favorite way to practice is in studios or yoga retreats, it’s clear how important web influencers are in their development and she’s one of the influencers who have a big influence on the spread of yoga around the world.


Adriene Mishler Yoga Influencer via youtube

Not surprising to anyone, she is considered an influencer. In her Yoga channel with Adriene, she inspired more than 2.7 million followers to find what feels good. Through her free online class, she has brought thousands of new practitioners to yoga; thousands of people who might think they should go to the studio and don’t know that all they need to get started is Adriene and yoga mats.


Adriene started it 5 years ago on YouTube. With its weekly videos, the annual yoga challenge. In addition, she also has a bulletin that makes you feel as if you are the only recipient of the bulletin and a sincere teaching style, there is no doubt about how much she contributed to the development of yoga communities around the world.


If you see her first video on youtube, you will be surprised to see how she evolved. Maybe she didn’t look confident in front of the camera at the time, but her charming personality and authenticity were always and that set her apart from the other influencers. Adriene Mishler is currently writing a book about her relationship with yoga and plans to open a yoga teacher training program.


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