May Boeve is one of the founders of the website, and serves as director of the organization. This organization is dedicated to working against climate change by connecting leaders around the world to take part in thinking about and overcoming about climate change.


The aim of the organization is to reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to the point where global warming will not be harmful to the population on earth. By limiting the power of the industry itself, they hope they can confront the government about limiting carbon dioxide emissions.


Boeve is young, where many of her friends might working in the bank, this 31-year-old May Boeve had secretly climbed to the top of one of the most innovative environmental organizations in the world,


May Boeve and Her Job at

Boeve is one of several women at the top of green groups in the US. She said that there are structural sexism problems and if you look at the amount, the data doesn’t lie. Not many women lead, in the sense that they run the organization.


So many people feel connected to the climate change movement and it’s important for everyone involved, whether they are a school teacher in England or a farmer in Burundi, to see themselves in this movement. She believes that if there are more leaders are reflecting the diversity of movements, it will be more extensive, large and strong movement.


Boeve took over as executive director of when she was only 27 years old. But the organization has been dominated by the figure of Bill McKibben, who resigned as chairman of the 350 board, but remained involved in the movement.


The first time McKibben met Boeve was at Middlebury College, Vermont. At that time she was a student activist. She and several friends created three transparent US maps; coal mining map, good potential for wind power and good crafts.


Based on that, they chose Montana as a place to move and be active there. But before they left, McKibben asked them to help organize the first ‘Global Day for Climate Action’.


May Boeve and

In 2008,  began with six college friends – one for each continent – and McKibben. The organization’s name, 350 denotes carbon dioxide concentrations in parts per million (ppm), that the atmosphere can survive safely without changing the earth’s climate. The Earth is currently around 400ppm.


After graduating from college, Boeve was given responsibility for operations in North America. Initially, the group worked to build a popular movement for climate action, focusing on a single protest event such as the International Climate Action Day in 2009.


Movements have begun to emerge on campuses throughout America. The more plays the role of coordination with different students, it will become a global power.


After years of calling on politicians to act, Boeve said the perceived failure of the Copenhagen climate talks in 2009 and assured that the real power was elsewhere.


They are competing against time to try to reduce emissions and save fossil fuels underground, but it is very difficult to know what the world is like in 10 years. Therefore the movement like the one done by May Boeve should be more appreciated by us as a community.


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