Noah Maze is a yoga teacher that is currently regarded as one of the most knowledgeable yoga teachers in the United States, especially when dealing with training. His unique style is a combination of the traditions he has learned and trained including Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Anusara where he was first trained as a teacher.


Noah founded his school, YOGAMAZÉ, with his wife, Tracy, in 2012 in Los Angeles. He runs teacher training courses that offer quality education in a familiar and community-oriented environment on that place. Noah is clearly very eager to share yoga knowledge with others and he regularly travels to conduct training and teaching around the world.


Together with his wife, they have pioneered training content to enhance and sharpen the skills of yoga teachers. He believes that his students are the most important to him. He has devoted himself to creating a path for teachers to continue learning and cultivation skills in a more professional manner.


In addition to creating and developing the YOGAMAZÉ curriculum, this place is a faculty for teacher training worldwide, and it acts as a consultant for companies that develop yoga education programs.


He contributes to publications including Yoga International, Yoga Journal and more also a presenter at Wanderlust Festivals. In addition, he also offers online classes at Yoga International, on Wanderlust TV, and offers a variety of online content through his own site, which can be found at


Noah Maze Yoga Instructor and Career Path

Mazé has dedicated his life to yoga. He is best known for his clear teaching style, not long-winded and very methodical, the knowledge given is practical, and his ability to transmit with openness, curiosity, and intelligence is very pronounced.


Noah has collected, experienced and embodied this very broad subject. He is looking for the best teachers, learning from various schools and absorbing much of what is offered. According to his students, he is famous for his passionate dedication and compassion for yoga to inspire and provide space for students to travel more into the body, heart, mind, and spirit.


He was interested in the world of yoga because his parents, who were initially attracted to South Asian spirituality long before he was born, and the philosophy and practice of the yoga tradition were things he saw every day since childhood. Parents for him are part of his life and make him inspired and interested in yoga.


Noah Maze and Hatha Yoga

He began a more formal Hatha Yoga exercise when he was 13 years old. On yoga mats, he found the perfect blend of all aspects he loved. Starting from physical involvement and affirmation of manifestation, focus, and discipline, breath awareness, to philosophy. He felt that he had found a home when he practiced Hatha Yoga.


Richard Freeman was his first Hatha Yoga teacher, in the style of Ashtanga Vinyasa, and he began going to the class with his mother when he was 14 years old in his hometown in Boulder, Colorado.


After that, he continued his class with John Friend in 1994 and conducted the first Anusara Yoga Teacher Training in 1998. At that time he was committed to studying with John and the Universal Alignment Anusara Principle allowed him to do all poses.


According to him, Anusara has a beautiful emphasis on the community, and he has friends from all over the world who can learn together from him. This philosophy has been a growth for the past 10 years. Noah Maze is a Yoga Teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance. If you are interested in learning yoga from Noah Maze, please check on the website to follow his program or learn his content through online.


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