Lake Setu Babakan is an artificial lake located in Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa subdistrict, South Jakarta, Indonesia. This lake has a depth of 1 to 5 meters with an area of 30 hectares. The water inside the lake comes from the Ciliwung River.


The main function of Setu Babakan is as a catchment for the infiltration, but over time, this setu area has been used as a center for the preservation of Betawi cultural heritage, which is often called Betawi Cultural Village.


Betawi Culture Village was first inaugurated on August 18, 2000, by Mr. Sutiyoso who at that time served as Governor of Jakarta.


As for entering into the area of Betawi Culture village is not charged at all, just need to pay to park for car or motorcycle. This tourist area is open from 06.00 am to 18.00 pm.


In this tourist area, you can find various kinds of plants and fruit trees, such as rambutan, pandanus, mango, palm, jamblang, melinjo, kecapi, krendang, nam-nam, guni, cimpedak, jackfruit, and jengkol.


Given the density of Jakarta City which is filled with vehicles and high-rise buildings, this area comes to refresh to anyone who wants to relax and enjoy nature.


There are one unique ride in the area which is the Swan boat, a replica of a Goose. This boat is rented for visitors who want to get around in the lake. The price for this rental boat is relatively cheap, ranging from Rp5.000,00 per person.


In the vicinity of this tourist attractions, there are many sellers who sell a variety of foods and typical Betawi beverages. Common foods sold in this area include Kerak Telor, Soto Betawi, Arum Manis, Dodol Betawi, Toge Goreng, Uduk Rice, Rujak Duck, Rice Ulam, Lontong Sayur. While the typical beverages are sold Betawi Pletok, Ice Cut, and Es Duren.


Every visitor who comes to this tourist village area can see Betawi culture. After the main entrance of this area, you can see Betawi Traditional House on the left side and right side. The hallmark of Rumah Adat Betawi is the decoration on the roof of the house and there is a simple family terrace in front of the house. One of the benefits of the family terrace in Betawi Traditional House is to maintain harmony among family members.


In addition, you also can see the Betawi Cultural arts performances. Especially for Saturday and Sunday, this area conducts Betawi art training and performance from 09 AM to 5 PM in open area or dance studio. In the morning, the theater area is used for Betawi martial arts training. While performances of musical arts such as Keroncong Betawi, Gambus, Tanjidor, Samrah, Qasidah, Gambang Kromong and Hadroh held during the day.


Other arts are Ondel-ondel, Betawi Leather Puppet, Topeng Dance, Lenong and Betawi Mask held in the afternoon. This art performance can be enjoyed free of charge.


During Idul Fitri day, this area is always used as a place for a gathering of the native Betawi people to meet with their relatives.


This area is very important because it is a Betawi Cultural Village for young people and people who do not know Betawi Culture. In this place, they can learn and understand the cultures. For those of you who want to know and understand more about Betawi Culture, you can visit Lake Setu Babakan area. Do not forget to enjoy the greenery of nature and lush trees.


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