Davina Veronica is an Indonesian actress and model. A woman named Davina Veronica Hariadi was born in Jakarta, October 20, 1978. This dimple-lined woman is the eldest of two brothers born to Guntur Hariadi and Patricia Gontha.


Beginning in 1994, Davina was elected first prize under the category of “Healthy & Clean Faces” from a Trustee product of Ristra Cosmetics. After winning the championship Davina got a chance to become the cover model of Rias Magazine in early 1995.


From being a cover model of the magazine, Davina began many offers in the fashion show and also appeared in many magazines as a photo model. Davina’s popularity makes her as the top model in Indonesia.


Not only beautiful but Davina is someone who cares about the environment. Now she is not only known as actress and model but she is also an animal right activist and environmental protection activist.


Her concern for the environment is seen in the lifestyle of green in everyday life even with something small, for example, she does not use plastic bags when shopping.


Davina claimed to always carry a bag made of cloth that she brought herself from home so that later can be used repeatedly. This method makes Davina as a trendsetter among friends and closest relatives because many of her friends follow these positive things.


This concern is highly esteemed by her, even she is willing not to shop if she does not carry her clothes bag. If the goods she wants to buy is not too large usually directly inserted into his bag.


However, if circumstances urged and forced herself to shop when not carrying a clothes bag, she has to make sure whether the place is selling clothes bags otherwise she will do the shopping next time when she brings a clothes bag.


In her life, she also uses environmentally friendly products ranging from products she consumes, clothing to cosmetic products. Not only that Davina has also reduced the use of tissues and switch to cloth handkerchief. For household waste, she also always sorting out the organic waste with non-organic waste in order to re-use.


In 2008, Davina volunteered in the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) organization. In 2009, WWF awarded the honorary title of WWF Indonesia Ambassador because Davina has dedicated herself and is committed to environmental awareness.


In the WWF organization, Davina claims taking an important role in environmental conservation, in fact, this is the duty of everyone in the world, not only her.


Davina also often voiced the importance of maintaining mangrove plants. Not only voice, Davina also participated in the conservation and planting of mangroves and peat plants in Kubu Raya, West Kalimantan. According to her, mangrove is a plant with a unique ecosystem of coastal areas and also serves as an abrasion holder.


This routine planting program will have a good impact on the environment, nature, and people around. Even mangrove plants will also protect some animals such as apes, crocodiles and other animals that live in the waters, especially the area of ​​mangrove plants.


Together with WWF, Davina also campaigned about her concern for orangutans and tigers. In fact, she plunged directly into the forests of Indonesia to become a guardian of the forest as well as conservation.


At the end of 2016, Davina with the WWF and Galleries Lafayette Organizations working together in the environmental care movement with the theme “Together Possible for a Living Planet”, the event is voicing as well as invites fashion industry players to be more aware that any material used in its products and need to know where it came from and what its effects on Earth.


People in Indonesia should not just think that living on earth is just us as human beings, but there is still nature and animals. We all live side by side and do not feel the highest degree of humanity. Davina Veronika also said, without nature and animals, humans can not survive. The human must also have an action that starts from themselves without relying on anyone.


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