Interlaken is one of the cities in Switzerland. Switzerland is a country located in Central Europe bordering on Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Austria. Switzerland is touted as a neutral country because they have never discussed the period of war in the past and also have not been involved in a war with foreign governments since 1815.


International cooperation with each country is also quite strong. This makes Switzerland believed to host organizations such as the United Nations and many branch offices established in the city, even though UN headquarters are located in New York City.


Most Swiss lands are occupied by the Alps. The western Alps have higher mountain surfaces but are shorter and winding. On the eastern surface of the mountain looks wider and elongated. In the middle of the Alps, there is the City of Interlaken, Switzerland. Interlaken is still under the shadow of Mount Eiger, Mount Jungfrau, and Mount Monch.


Interlaken is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. If you want to visit Interlaken, Switzerland, you are required to land at Zurich International Airport.


Arriving in Zurich, you have to travel approximately 2 hours to arrive at Spiez. If you want to save budget, you can continue your journey from Spiez to Interlaken using horse carriages.


The journey using this will take 20 minutes. This trip will also make you closer to nature because you can see the beauty of the city clearly without any limitations and can feel the very cool air that is removed from the trees by the roadside.


Along the way, your eyes will also be presented with a view of the vast meadows, see the calm water of the lake, and the glass building with the interior design is amazing. The use of horse carriages also serves to reduce air pollution and free from carbon emissions.


Arriving in Interlaken, you will see two lakes on each side. The city is indeed flanked by two lakes, namely Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. The calm lake water makes both the lake like a mirror because it reflects the peak panorama of the Alps.


Peak Alps are full of snow covering and surrounded by valleys of flowers scattered in many places to make the panorama presented Interlaken increasingly looks amazing in the eyes of the tourists.


Not only that, around the city there are still many towering pines, as well as eco-house made out of wood are neatly lined up increasingly beautify this city.


In this city you can stay at Hotel Swiss Inn, this hotel is the most famous hotel here. However, if you want to save budget, you can stay at The Falken Malas Hotel & Backpacker.


If you want to do more exercises, in the morning you can do the activity back by walking or using a bicycle to get to Mount Jungfrau, one of Glester is designated UNESCO as a world heritage site at the Peak of Bernese Alps.


Alternatively, you can explore the shores of Lake Brienz or Lake Thun on foot. You can also walk around the lake by boat and ride the cable car to see firsthand the view from the top of the mountains.


Done along Lake Brienz, you will see Giessbach Waterfall which is located in the middle of the road. Then, you should direct your journey to Lauterbrunnen, where you can see the amazing Trummelbach Falls among the hills of the hills.


Interlaken is also famous as a favorite place for the sport because of its nature that allows you to adventure in the water, land, or air. You can do swimming, biking, hiking, fishing, paragliding, rafting, skiing, skydiving, sailing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, waterskiing, windsurfing.


Interlaken like any other city in Switzerland is a very clean and well-organized city. In addition, its beauty makes the tourists who visit this city gives the title as a fairytale city.


If you are interested, Interlaken can be the perfect choice for a healthy holiday filled with sports activities. Any visit to any place does not forget to preserve and protect its nature by not polluting or destroying its beauty. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more and more city like this fairy tale of Interlaken.


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