Melanie Subono is a singer and presenter who came from Indonesia, now He is more active as an environmental activist. Melanie was born in Hamburg, Germany, October 20, 1976, from the couple Adrie Subono and Chrisye. Melanie’s father works as a music promoter in Indonesia and also the founder of Java Musikindo.


Melanie is the grandson of the nephew of the 3rd President of Indonesia, Mr. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie or better known as B.J Habibie. Adrie Subono’s art blood was flowing into Melanie, and she also liked rock n roll music as well as her father.


Fully supported by the father, Melanie ventured to plunge into the world of music and made a rock n roll album titled “Melanie” in 2004.


Although the album does not get much welcome from the community, Melanie continues to work in the field of music. The unyielding attitude is highly visible on the works on some of his albums, such as Myself (2007), Time Alone with You (2010), Me, You, Them, You (2012) and Ended & Done (2014).


As a singer, Melanie also often campaigns for environmental care through music. This sweet-faced woman is now also actively doing environmental actions. He is one of the members of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI).


In the year 2009, Melanie participate voiced turtle conservation in Kuta Beach, Bali. Melanie and her friends unfurled a 100-meter banner that read “Only One From Thousand Will Survive”. With this participation, Melanie hopes to reduce turtle trade in Indonesia.



In 2011, Melanie went to Palembang following the planting of trembesi trees in the secretariat office of WALHI organization. As an environmentalist, Melanie often shows the surrounding community and often socializes to people about environmental awareness, especially focusing on reducing the use of plastics and planting trees.



Not only vigorously voiced, Melanie claimed to have no use of plastic bags anymore, always plant trees at home and always use environmentally friendly materials.



Melanie is also very concerned about the fauna in Indonesia that has been eroded in population, one of them is an orangutan. In collaboration with Yayasan Profauna in 2013, Melanie supports the preservation of endangered orangutans. According to Melanie, hunting can be a hobby as long as not to kill or hurt such rare animals.



In the same year, Melanie held a press conference on the program entitled “Orangutan Journey” in one of the television stations in Indonesia. Melanie strongly hopes that young people in Indonesia, especially children in the future will not only read books but also do real actions to care about the environment, including fauna.


Melanie is the only Asian woman to be awarded a contract at one of the world’s most famous boots. Melanie told the company that she was a pure vegan and at that time she submitted a requirement to replace boots with eco-friendly materials.


By 2015, Melanie participates in Rembang, Central Java to protect the natural environment and the people that live there. At that time Melanie and other WALHI members strongly opposed and laid off the construction of a factory owned by PT Semen Indonesia. According to Melanie, this plant will be the largest contributor to disaster in the area if it still continues up and running.


In November 2015, she was also appointed speaker at the Conference of Parties Conference. This event is aimed to make people aware that the condition of the earth and responsible for what has been done to the earth.


In early 2017 Melanie also shared her sadness about the animals that were made business and not treated properly by humans, such as the murdered penguins and the hard water and displayed, hungry beast-starved bears on Kebun Binatang Bandung, as well as an increasingly widespread dog torture. Without waiting too long, she immediately reported these to the authorities.


In the same year, Melanie participated in the Musika Foresta program, the program entitled “The Forest in Indonesia”. Here she campaigns for forest preservation through a song.


The caring soul of the environment in Melanie is so greatly embedded in her life. Proven that she has done so many things to save the earth. Melanie Subone really inspiring us and we can try to apply what she has done to our mindset as well.


Melanie Subono Melanie Subono Melanie Subono

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