Burgreens Restaurant is a restaurant that serves healthy food made from vegetables, fruits, and organic beans are very environmentally friendly. Helga Angelina is one of the owners of the restaurant. She was born in Jakarta, December 2, 1990, and she tells that vegetables and fruits are the ones who save her life.


Since childhood, Helga grew with many diseases such as asthma, insomnia, sinusitis, eczema, and various other allergies. Helga Angelina is treated by her mother who is also a doctor. In the treatment of her mother, she always got chemical drugs that harmful to other organs in the long term.


The impact of the various effects of this chemical drugs has shown signs of Helga when she was 15 years old. Helga has problems in the kidneys and liver but doctors give her various kinds of chemical drugs as well to cure her new illness.


Helga realized that chemical drugs are toxic to kill the virus in the body but the organs that are in it also feel the attack of the chemical drugs. Helga feels tired to live side by side with various diseases and chemical drugs. At the same time, Helga finds out how to live healthy without relying on drugs. Apart from the internet Helga also read a book about health info includes “Food Combining” by Andang Gunawan, the book discusses healthy food menu.


After finding a lot of information Helga decided to become vegetarian and stay away from drugs. After two years of being a vegetarian, the illness disappeared by itself. After feeling healthy, Helga flew to America to study at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA. Over there Helga gets the summa cum laude title on her graduation in 2011.


Not satisfied until there, Helga continues her education in the Netherlands and there she met with Max, a man from Indonesia who also studied at the same university.


Helga pursues an education at HAN (Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen) University of Sciences majoring in Communications and awarded cum laude on graduation in 2013. Healthy vegetarian life is transmitted by Helga to Max, raises Max’s curiosity about processing good raw vegetables and right.


Max decides to become a volunteer in a restaurant that serves food from raw vegetables. And he is also working in a company in the field of IT. At the end, Helga and Max decided to go back to Indonesia and open a vegetarian restaurant. Arriving in Indonesia, Max also studied again in a restaurant that serves food from raw vegetables in Bali.


At the end of 2013, they both opened a green concept restaurant in Bintaro, South Jakarta. They think that many Indonesian people love junk food and one of that is a burger. Helga and Max decided to name the restaurant with Burgreens.


The Burgreens building stands is a former guest house owned by one of their friends, who also love the green environment. Although still using stainless steel, some kitchen appliance already uses environmentally friendly items such as bamboo straws, wooden spoons and forks, banana leaf plates, coconut palm plates, and a paper bag that is easy to recycle.


For the burgers main menu, they do not use wheat flour on the bread and replace the cassava with the baking material. The stuffing burger is also not meat but tempe. The menu is not just a burger, but there are more than 50 foods and 10 healthy drinks from vegetables available here.


Vegetables and organic fruits are used as main ingredients imported directly from Cipanas, West Java. Spice cooking also does not use preservatives, artificial sweeteners or MSG.


Five years running Bugreens Restaurant open four branches in Jakarta. With the existence of Restaurant that applies environment-friendly restaurant concept can be a good inspiration for the culinary industry in the various region in Indonesia. Not only that, the menu of food and drinks make the customer healthy and protected them from any kind of disease.


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